About Hananaa


Hi I’m Hanna, a.k.a. Hananaa,
and I’m the author of this blog!

I’m 29 years old, I live in Finland (in the city of Vasa to be specific) and I’m all about web marketing
& wanderlust (hence the tagline of this blog). I’m also very into fashion and style, and have studied
Fashion at  Stockholm University. I’ve also studied General Education at Åbo Akademi.

Webmarketing & wanderlust etc.

When I’m not webmarketing, wanderlusting or doing something fashion & style -related or
something “educational”, I love to workout and be active. During Summer I SUP and during
Winter I ride my snowmobile. I’m also a runner, and love to spend some time in the gym at
Les Mills classes (my favorites are Bodyattack and Bodycombat).

But hey, about that wanderlusting I mentioned… I LOVE to travel! Haven’t been all around
the world yet, but it’s on my list. Some of the places I’ve travelled to: the US (5 times), Dominican
Republic, France, U.A.E., Italy, Greece, Spain, Austria, Liechtenstein, Norway, Madeira, Russia,
Estonia, Switzerland and so on… Travelling and experiencing new things make me happy!

So, what else do you want to know about me? My mother language is Swedish, but I’m also
completely fluent in English and Finnish. I know a bit of French too, but please don’t test me…

Collaborations with HANANAA

If you want to collaborate with me or just say ‘HI’, please don’t hesitate
to contact me via email at hananaablog@gmail.com ♥

In need of a freelance marketing consultant?

I used to work at Dermoshop as a Content & Social Media Manager for years (read more about
my work at Dermoshop on my Linkedin-profile here), but in November this year I decided to try
my wings and start my own company as a Freelance Marketing Consultant! My company name is
HANANAA Creative, and if you want to work with me as a freelance marketing consultant check
out my site HERE or just send me an email at hananaacreative@gmail.com.

HANANAA creative

HANANAA.com is my personal lifestyle blog with focus on my own travel adventures around the world. It’s also a blog about my
everyday life, food & health, fashion & style and maybe even a little bit about interior design. I’m a minimalistic wandress who
travels the world with the aim to learn as much as possible about this crazy, beautiful world of ours. Follow me on my adventures
and don’t be shy to connect – I want my blog to be a happy place, a blog to be inspired by, a blog where we can all be friends ♥