Last weekend me and my boyfriend checked into the Japanese spa Yasuragi here in Stockholm for one night. The relaxing spa experience at Yasuragi was my birthday gift for him (not a bad gift huh!?) as he turned 37 years on Sunday (5th of September, my Virgo man). I had heard a lot about Yasuragi, and 99% good reviews – so my expectations were pretty high. But did the spa live up to my high expectations?

Read on and find out!

Relaxing Japanese spa experience at Yasuragi

Lets go right at it – yes, I loved Yasuragi! It was beautiful, peaceful and calm. Just as I had imagined it. The spa itself was absolutely beautiful, I loved the simple design. One minus was that it was pretty crowded when we got to the spa around 5 pm, but it did calm down around half 7 and allowed us to fully relax for the rest of the night in the spa before we had our dinner booked at 9 pm.

What I really loved about Yasuragi was the simplicity and relaxation provided. I loved that our bedroom had a beautiful view over a pine tree forest, that everyone lived in their kimonos all throughout the stay (the policy is that everyone wears the same swimwear, kimono, slippers, etc. that you are handed upon check-in), the minimalistic Japanese design of the hotel, the no-phones-allowed policy, and so on. It was easy to relax and just be.

Relaxing Japanese spa experience at Yasuragi

As you can see, I disobeyed the no-phones-allowed rule a little bit… But I just had to sneak a few photos as it was so beautiful! I did it while no one else was around though, to not bother anyone else. So I think I did good anyhow. But it truly was so nice to actually not be allowed to have the phone around, I really loved and appreciated that. To be able to hang out with my boyfriend without him or me being on the phone. It really is golden these days to hang out without phones. How fucked up is that, really..?! Some days I really wish we could all just burn our damn phones to be honest. I know that sounds harsh but really, I can’t be the only one thinking this? Anywho, good job Yasuragi on the no-phones-allowed rule, I liked that very much!

What else is there to say? Getting to the spa is fairly easy, even using public transportation, as there is a bus stop right outside the property of the hotel. If you book the dinner package I warmly recommend the Japanese menu – it was interesting and very yummie. The breakfast the morning after was really good too, with both Swedish as well as Japanese breakfast options.

Ah, I really can’t wait to back for another relaxing spa experience at Yasuragi someday soon again! I really fell in love with this place to be honest. And just to mention – this post is not written in any kind of collaboration with the spa, it’s just my honest review of it as a happy customer. Highly recommend this place and I hope that you enjoyed this blog post!

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