Look who’s doing it huh!? Once I’d fired away the “2 weeks on Mallorca” -post and realized I got a bit of traffic back (yay, thanks!), I thought – why not do a second post? So here we are, I’m gonna publish a “2 weeks on Mallorca pt. 2”. Because, why the hello not? I’ve got a bit more photos to share, and it’s a rainy damn Sunday and I could need some throwback therapy from sunnier days. Enjoy!

2 weeks on Mallorca - Let the sea set you free

Let the sea set you free, is what I’ll name this one. This was a good day! We roadtripped all day, and this is from making a couple of hours -stop at the beautiful park/beach Es Trenc. The ocean was sooo salty over here, which made swimming so easy and fun. Loved it, and highly recommend a visit to this place if you ever find yourself on Mallorca.

Two food pics from another day of exploring – the day we took the bus to Palma de Mallorca! Interesting city for sure, but not one that I particularly liked to be honest… It was rather busy, crowded and dirty. Also smelly, lol. I know I sound like a brat when I write that – but I just felt that it was a bit “naah”. Something about the overall vibe. It had beautiful areas though! And good food & gelato. Like, look at that poke bowl, YUM!

2 weeks on Mallorca - Old town Alcudia

Here’s one of my absolute favorite photos from our 2 weeks on Mallorca – me walking down a beautiful street in old town Alcudia. Ah, I really liked that place! It was beautiful, not so crowded and had a ton of charm.

Two from our own hoods in Cala D’or: our beautiful hotel and the harbor. Walking around the harbor was quite the experience – the yachts in that place were insane. Obviously I’ve seen a whole lotta yachts in my life from spending time in Marina Del Rey, CA and so on – but the European yachts are something else. Love the beauty of yachts.

2 weeks on Mallorca - Cap de Formentor

Beautiful, beautiful Cap de Formentor! This place took my breath away. A MUST visit. The North West part of Mallorca is absolutely stunning with it’s mountains… Both me and my boyfriend were absolutely stunned by this place. The scenery was amazing.

Me on the cliff in Cala Esmeralda (our own little cala) and a cool car I saw many times (it was parked in Cala D’or).

2 weeks on Mallorca - Countryside blues

Beautiful, random countryside scenery somewhere in the middle of Mallorca. Loved this spot, and my outfit. You can’t go wrong with cutoff Levi’s, a white tee, Birkenstocks and a hat. I feel like I wrote this in my previous post as well, didn’t I!? Lol. Anywho, love everything about this.

Gosh I love these two photos. They’re simple, but I love them! First a cute sailing boat off the shore, and the second a black/white photo from a beautiful little fishing town we stopped by one morning: Cala Figuera.

2 weeks on Mallorca - Cala D'or

And then, at last, a final photo from our last night on Mallorca. Loved, loved, loved the simple sunset we saw that night. Such a bittersweet but beautiful night. Ah, Mallorca really did leave a soft spot in my heart. It was my second visit in Spain, I know it’s not technically “in Spain” as it is on an island – but still. It did leave me liking Spain a bit more than I did after my last Spanish adventure, which was a 5-day solo trip to Alicante a few years ago. I definitely liked Mallorca a whole lot more than Alicante. Though nothing beats Italy for me, that’s for sure… Italy will always have the majority of my heart when it comes to beautiful travel destinations in Europe. Switzerland not far after.

Oh well, talk to you soonish again. Hope you liked this spontaneous little photo diary pt. 2 from our 2 weeks on Mallorca in July. I really enjoyed traveling again, and can’t wait for our next adventure… I could go like, now..!? Wanderlust is a very real thing guys…

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