Whenever I feel bad, I write. Whenever I feel happy, I write. It’s always been this way. Well, today it’s Friday and I feel bad, so I write. I have no clue what I’ll write yet, but we’ll see that along the way. Should I write this in a personal diary..? Maybe so, but hey I’ve got this thing for sharing stuff on the internet in the hope that it’ll help other people in some way. I don’t really know in which way, but you know, maybe it’ll make someone else feel better about themselves if they can relate? Or something..? Hell, I don’t know… As I said, I’m gonna write a very random blog post, a post with my random Friday thoughts. Welcome, and I hope you’ll keep reading.

Random Friday thoughts

I’ve always been the kind of person to go into hiding when I feel bad. I retreat until I feel better. It’s always been this way because I never had any emotional support as a child. I’d always get yelled on, no matter what. So I guess I grew up with feeling like I had to do everything on my own, and that feeling bad is a weakness.

This used to be a problem in my previous relationships, I’d never show my bad days. Instead, I’d go into hiding, pretend like everything was fine and lock myself into the bedroom to cry or something. With my ex I started opening up about these things, telling him how I really felt about things (problems in the relationship, me feeling lonely, disappointed over something, etc. – you know, the things that make you sad) – and it actually wasn’t all that bad. Sure, he’d always have a problem understanding me (because I can be a mystery, lol), but it was quite nice to get a hug for whenever I was crying or just feeling bad without the tears.

Now that I’m single and have been for almost a year, I’ve been insanely spoiled to have a friend like Silje. Being single is a really lonely thing, especially during this year. I’ve actually made it a thing to always tell her when I’m feeling bad this year, just to have someone know that I struggle from time to time (hey, like we all do and especially this year). And I’ve gotta say that it’s been such a good support system to have a friend on the other line for whenever I’d feel shitty. Just a quick dm like “hey I just cried, feel like shit, wow”, and that’s it. Just letting someone know about how shitty you feel can be such a relief. So, thank you Silje, you’re golden.

Random Friday thoughts

Hey… Now that we’re kind of touching on the subject of mental health, I just realized that tomorrow is World Mental Health Day! October 10th, that’s tomorrow, right?

So, maybe this post can serve as a message to check in with your friends whenever you’re feeling bad. A quick message to a friend, just to let them know that you’re feeling a little sad (or whatever your “bad” emotions might be), can go a long way when it comes to mental health. This year is tough on us all, and preserving one’s mental health has never been more “in the now” than this year. Talk to people and know that you’re not alone, even though I very well know that most of us feel very alone, very often. Take care ♥


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