When podcasts came along I resisted them. I’m naturally the kind of person who’s a skeptic when it comes to new things, especially in the last few years. I think it’s a good thing to be a skeptic and not jump on the newest things “just like that”, to research stuff beforehand and make a conscious decision on whether you want to approve the new thing, whatever it might be, before jumping on board. ANYWHO, I finally decided that podcasts were a thing I was gonna indulge in a few years back, and now I’m the biggest podcast nerd. I listen to multiple podcast episodes a day, and I’m learning so much through them. As I listen to so many good ones, I thought I’d share my absolute favorite podcasts in this blog post – maybe you’ll find some new favorites too!

My favorite podcasts

The skinny confidential – Him & her

This is probably my absolute favorite podcast, or at least the one whose new episodes I listen to the quickest. Lauryn and Michael have all kinds of guests, but I especially love the ones where they talk with guests about health and lifestyle -topics. The podcast is fun, high-paced, educational, and very professional! A minus is that it’s packed with commercial breaks, but on the other hand, they actually do only collaborate with brands that are interesting, and their commercial-bits are always very professional and easy to listen to.

The Doctor’s Farmacy with Mark Hyman

Mark is an American MD who specializes in functional medicine and has so much knowledge when it comes to food, diseases, and so on. I love this podcast because it’s SO educational, and he’s also a very humble person with a good “podcast-voice” – so it’s very easy to listen to him. He’s had some incredible guests on the podcast, and one of my favorite episodes is the latest one with Robert F Kennedy Jr where they talk about the origins of the vaccine industry in the US (very interesting and educational!), as well as Monsanto, clean water, etc. Another really good one was an episode with another doctor discussing supplements and whether they’re useful or useless. Ah, I love this podcast so much and I’m learning a ton – highly recommended!

The GOOP podcast

I’m obsessed with anything GOOP (read more about the company, which is founded by Gwyneth Paltrow, here), and the podcast is no exemption. I first watched the GOOP show on Netflix, loved it, and then went on to start listening to all of their podcast episodes! The podcast has two hosts: Gwyneth and her co-worker Elise, and they have all kinds of interesting guests on – everything from Gwyneth’s celebrity friends to doctors, psychologists, etc. One of my absolute favorite episodes is one where Gwyneth talks to her dentist, who’s not like any other dentist, but a dentist who actually goes to the root of her patient’s dental problems by actually talking to her patients and not just going straight for their mouth – SUCH a  good episode and very eye-opening.

Holy Crap Podcast

This is a fairly new podcast, in Swedish, about spirituality! The hosts have a lot of interesting guests on the podcast with whom they discuss astrology, psychology, tarot, crystals, holistic health, spirituality in general, and so on. I love this podcast and I’m happy it’s around. I’ve learned a lot through it and it’s accommodating to know that there are so many other spiritual people around me here in Scandinavia.

Highest Self Podcast with Sahara Rose

Another spiritual podcast, but this one in English. Through this podcast, I’ve learned even more about spirituality, and especially about Ayurveda. The podcast also touches on subjects like meditation, chakras, healing & shamanism, tantra, sisterhood, etc. Highly recommended for anyone who identifies as a spiritual or is curious about spirituality!

Other than the above 5 podcasts I also listen to various Swedish “nonsense” podcasts, like Mellan Himmel och Jord with JLC, Måndagsvibe, Två systrar en podd, Two of a kind, as well as a bunch of American podcasts like the one by Joe Rogan, TED talks daily, etc. A British one: Deliciously Ella (highly recommended, should’ve written more about why I like this one actually). Limitless Life, London Real, On Purpose with Jay Shetty, Raw Clarity Radio, Straight up with Stassi, The Cosmic Calling, Sorelle Amore podcast, The Rich Roll podcast (also a really good one about health!), and so on. Oh, and P3 Dystopia, a Swedish podcast where they talk about all the “big things” in the world.

Yeah as you can hear, I listen to a LOT of podcasts. I truly believe in the importance of knowledge, and that’s why I listen to a bunch of podcasts that keep me educated in the fields of health, real food, spirituality, psychology, politics, philosophy, economics, etc. The Swedish nonsense podcasts that I listen to are just for laughs, for the days when I just want to keep my mind pre-occupied and not in education-mode.

When it comes to education and the information we take in these days, I think it’s of uttermost importance to understand that there are at least two sides to every story, every truth. And that’s why I listen to so many podcasts. I don’t care about which political party anyone belongs to as I understand that there are two sides of ONE coin. We’re all one. I just want all the knowledge that I can get a hold on, to make up my own mind. And I don’t believe in the made-up term “conspiracy theories” that the world likes to divide us all about, the word “conspiracy” is insisting that there’s only one truth and that the rest is a “conspiracy” – which couldn’t be further from the truth. The existence of only one truth is impossible, there’s no good and bad, as I said earlier – we’re all one. The only truth is that we’re all gonna die a physical death one day, that’s the only thing that can be 100% proven in this world. Haha oops, getting philosophical here… But the thing is that I prefer to live my life very open, very open-minded with no judgment whatsoever, and being able to take in information from whomever it may come from, and from whatever angle, unbiased from what anyone else is trying to make me believe. We all have our own and very powerful brains for this very reason. Stay educated people, and make sure to get your education from every angle possible. LISTEN TO MANY PODCASTS, lol.

Wowza, this girl ended a very easy-breezy blog post with some heavy philosophical thoughts… Guess you got a peek into my mind! But hey, about the podcasts, anyone of you who listens to any of the same podcasts that I listen to..? Ps, don’t forget to follow me on Instagram and Pinterest as well ♥

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