Whoa, how can it be Sunday again? This week flew by so fast… Anywho. As I’m on fire with blogging again lately, I thought I’d check in to share some Sunday thoughts and talk about life lately. Music I’ve been listening to, things I’ve watched, food I’ve eaten… And so on! Hope you’ll like it ♥

Sunday thoughts & life lately

First and foremost I have to share some of the songs I’ve been listening to a LOT this week. I’m obsessed with music and listen to something basically every hour of the day. My taste in music is very varied, but this week these songs have been on repeat:

Bazzi – Mine
Bazzi – Beautiful
Bazzi – Paradise
Bazzi – Young & Alive

…yup, I have an obsession with Bazzi at the moment. I was first introduced to him when I was in LA, and we used to listen to “Mine” in the car. Anyone else who likes Bazzi’s music?

Two of my favorite meals lately. To the left: romaine salad with caesar dressing, cucumber, cherry tomatoes, eggs, pickled red onion, and nutritional yeast. To the right: coconut yogurt with gluten-free granola, banana, and kiwi. Yummy!

Sunday thoughts & life lately
Sunday thoughts & life lately

Last Sunday me and my friend Silje went strolling around on Södermalm, which was really nice! Love days like that. This Sunday I invited her to come to my place for waffles, but it looks like I’m gonna have to make and eat those waffles by myself… Oh well, I’ve been craving waffles for so long and I was SO happy when I found a waffle maker in my cabinets (the girl who rented my apartment before must’ve left it here, I don’t mind, hehe). Hmm, now the toughest challenge is to figure out what I’ll put on my waffles…

Sunday thoughts & life lately

I never used to like cows before, but now I keep running into cows all the time, and you know what..? I feel a connection to cows all of a sudden, lol. I don’t know how and why, but suddenly I’m really into cows. How cozy would it be to have a few cows at home someday..? Yeah, you hear, I’ve lost it apparently, since when did I want to start my own farm..? Hahaha.

Sunday thoughts & life lately

I LOVE MY BED. It’s so cozy, so comfortable, so white, so fresh – and I’m obsessed with it. I could spend all my time on the bed, lol. Seriously, I’m so happy with my four pillows, two duvets, and all-white setup. It feels like I’m sleeping in a hotel bed every night and I love it!

My bed also happens to be the perfect place to watch movies in… And, the other day I watched such a feel-good movie that I just have to dare y’all to see it! It’s called “Instant family” and can be found on Netflix. It’s about a couple that decides to foster three siblings, and it’s just so cute. But also funny, heart-breaking, and overall just very important in my opinion. Having a family doesn’t mean that you have to be related by blood.

Stockholm forest

Oh well, I think that’s it for this post! Take care, and have a lovely Sunday everyone. And thanks for reading my blog. So happy to see that the blog is still getting traffic despite the fact that I didn’t blog for almost 6 months. So, thank you ♥

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