I love Youtube. I watch more Youtube -videos than I watch shows and movies these days. One daily routine that I have is to watch 1-2 Youtube -videos each morning while I’m having my breakfast. When I’m lazy I’ll probably just put on some random new video by some of the vloggers that I follow (usually by Klara, Bianca, or Therese), but some mornings I prefer more educational, motivational, “feel-good” -kind of videos, and in this post, I thought I’d share three Youtube videos I recommend in that genre. Hope you’ll like them!

First up is a video called “12 healthy habits for women to change your life”, by Carrie Rad. I’ve been following Carrie for years and she makes really cute, feel-good -videos with encouraging messages. I always leave her Youtube -channel a little bit more positive than I did before, and I highly recommend especially this video that she posted in the end of August (which means it’s pretty fresh).

The second video that I’m gonna recommend is this one, by my favorite influencer Sorelle Amore. It’s called “How the fear of aging will make you invisible”, and it has a great message for all of us, but especially us women who’ve just turned 30. Age is just a number, and we put limitations on ourselves because society tells us to… Ah, I had so many emotions watching this video! It’s inspiring and so important. Watch it!

Lost LeBlanc is my favorite travel channel on Youtube! I love Christian’s videos, and especially his dad jokes, haha. In this video, he talks about traveling in 2020, and whether you should do it or not, and I just thought that it was such a well-made video talking about pretty much everything regarding travel right now, from all points of view. Watch it, especially if you’re currently debating whether you should travel or not!

Hope you liked these three Youtube videos that I really recommend, and that you actually watch them! I cannot recommend them enough. Other channels that I follow and really like on Youtube are these: Elena Taber (travel & NYC/Cali lifestyle), Sadhguru (wisdom), AwakenWithJP (comedy & wisdom), Pamela Reif (workout videos), Scheana Shay (lifestyle & entertainment) and Sanne Vloet (life as a model, travel & healthy eating).

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