I’ve traveled quite a lot and visited some really beautiful places in the world… Maldives, Bali, California, Grand Canyon, northern Norway, Switzerland, northern Italy, Greece, and so on. BUT, there are still places that I haven’t visited yet and dream about visiting as soon as possible. So, here’s a little post with my travel dreams: places I wanna visit. Any of these places that you’d like to visit as well..?

The Puglia region in Italy, ah! It seems like such a beautiful part of southern Italy and I cannot wait for when I get to travel there. I actually had planned on going there this year, but those plans got canceled, unfortunately. Maybe next year?

Sicily, the little Italian island of lemons! One of my favorite wines is from Sicily and it seems like such a beautiful little island that I cannot wait to go there one day. Maybe I should do a road trip around southern Italy, and make both Puglia and Sicily stops on the way next year..? Who wants to join? Seriously, I am accepting applications for travel companions, lol.

Mallorca! Jeez, been dreaming about visiting Mallorca forever… The dream would be to do a road trip around the island because I really want to experience the countryside, not just the “tourist spots”. One of my favorite Instagram accounts is by a woman who lives in the countryside in Mallorca, and all of her photos are so dreamy!

ICELAND, holy smokes, ICELAND! I wanna go there so bad… But, I’m a little scared of going since I’m afraid that I’ll fall so in love with the nature that I’m gonna wanna move there. Whoops. But would that be so bad..? One of my fave influencers, Sorelle, lives there and she seems to love it, so… When it comes to Iceland I really wanna visit with someone who’ll be as adventurous as I am, who’ll want to be outside 24/7 to experience all of the beauty that Iceland has to offer. So, until I find that person…

Japan, and not only Tokyo (even though that seems like a really cool city) but also the nature. Japan has so much beautiful nature, and Mount Fuji looks amazing! I’ve never been super-interested in Asia, but I’ve been to the Maldives and Bali (which both are located in Asia) and I truly feel like Japan could be a good third visit in that part of the world. And Japanese people are just the kindest, so I think it would be a heart-warming visit.

Ericeira in Portugal. I was supposed to go to this surfers paradise on the coast of Portugal in May this year, on a sponsored surf camp… But, that did obviously not happen. I am however still very keen on going there someday, hopefully soon! The entire coast of Portugal looks so beautiful, and I think I’ll fall in love with it as I think it looks pretty similar to the coast of California!

Switzerland in December, to experience a snowy and Christmassy country instead of the summery Switzerland I’ve experienced before. I’ve been to Zurich in August, Andermatt in August (twice) and Geneva in September, and now I really feel like going back when the ground is white… Ah, I bet it would be so dreamy! ♥


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