Happy Saturday. Back in the day when I put a lot of time and energy into my blogging, I used to share inspo posts (almost daily), with images of what inspires me at the moment. It’s been a while since I shared one (here’s an example of one from last year), so now I thought I’d put together a Fall inspo 2020 -post, with images that I am inspired by this Fall season. Enjoy!

First of all, the classic coat in camel/beige. I also have one, and I am obsessed with wearing it each Fall season. I love the color, and I love a good coat to keep me warm when the weather keeps getting colder. Plus the color camel/beige goes so well with blue jeans! I have a new pair of blue jeans with straight legs that I bought from Zara this Summer, and they go so well with my coat. Ah, perfect!

Staying home and being cozy. I’m so ready to just relax, stay inside, and just “be”. I want to walk around in my sweatpants, do face masks, and lie in my cozy, all-white bed while working. And so on. I dunno, I’m just feeling very cozy this Fall!

The dark grey/washed black color on sweats. This color has exploded all over social media this year and I’ve tried staying away (I’m usually the person who don’t like to wear what everyone is wearing “just because”), but I doubt I can stay away any longer… I’m starting to feel like I should get a sweater or a hoodie in this color. Hmm.

Homes with big windows overlooking greenery. I’m obviously not in the position to be buying myself a house like this right now, but I love looking at photos of these kinds of homes on Pinterest and Instagram. Ah, one day… Until then I’ll keep dreaming!

As with the homes, I’m not in the position to be buying an old Porsche 911 right now, but I can’t stop looking at photos of them. You see, this is my dream car, and one day I will have one… Until then I’ll keep looking at them to be inspired to keep on going so that I’ll one day be able to buy one.

These two looks! I dunno, but I feel like either one could be me this Fall. Love these two looks a lot, and they’re both the kind of looks that I could throw on in a hurry when I wanna feel comfortable out and about.

Love. I’m super-inspired by love this Fall. I may not have a lot of love in my own life, but I’m keeping inspired about possibly finding my own lover one day by looking at other couples. My favorite couple being Emelie and Gerard. But on the other hand, I’m also entertaining the idea that love doesn’t have to be another person, you can also practice self-love to have love in your life, so that’s what I’m busy doing this Fall – trying my best to really love myself. That is the most important thing in life after all, as you’ll be stuck with yourself forever, lol.

Cheese platters, omg I’m craving cheese platters, and I cannot stop saving photos of them on both Instagram and Pinterest, lol. Seriously, is there anything better than cheese with a really good fig jam..? Ehm no.

– –

OK I think that’s enough inspo for one post. I hope you enjoyed reading about these things that I’m being inspired by or am craving this Fall season. Oh, and all images were like usual when it comes to my inspo posts found via Pinterest


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