Hi, hello. I don’t know what I’ll write about in this post yet, I’m just gonna let the words flow… BUT, I guess it’ll be about my early Fall in Stockholm. Feelings, what I’ve been doing, what I look forward to etc. I just feel like writing to get out of my own head right now, so why not put it into a blog post..? Maybe some of you will enjoy it, and if you don’t – I’m sorry. Lol.

Early Fall in Stockholm

So, what have I been up to? Truth to be told – not much. I’ve been going through a funk and struggled a lot, and what I usually do when I struggle is that I retreat. I isolate myself and don’t want anyone to see me struggle. I guess I’m kind of like dogs who seek out a quiet place away from everyone when they’re dying… I do the same when I’m dying inside. So yes, honestly, I’ve been dying inside lately. I’m constantly close to tears and have to really push myself to do things. I don’t like this at all, but what I’ve learned in my 30 year long life is that this too shall pass. So I ‘m currently trying to just be, and roll with the punches. I’m meditating a lot, going on long walks in nature etc.

Early Fall in Stockholm - Södermalm

Speaking of nature… In August I lived all month in the center of Södermalm, right by Nytorget, which is the “hotspot” of Södermalm. It’s very pretty there, and there’s a bunch of cute stores, cafe’s, restaurants etc. But you know what? I’m really happy that I decided to move 15 min. out of the city! Why? Because it’s much calmer here, and I have a short walk to a beautiful walking path by a lake, in a forest. The other day I also found horses nearby. Ah, I definitely prefer nature to citylife! And living just 15 min. outside of the city is just perfect – whenever I need the city for something, it’s a short trainride away!

Early Fall in Stockholm - smoothie bowl
Early Fall in Stockholm - bed corner

Besides dying inside, meditating, going on long walks in nature, etc., I’ve also been working (yes, I love working as a freelance marketing consultant, and if you ever need some marketing help or a new website – hit me up!), making my new home cozy (I especially love my all-white bed with a million pillows, blankets, etc.), and making some very yummy meals (like smoothie bowls, which I’m obsessed with, they work as a substitute for the LA acai bowls).

Hmm, I guess I got some words down! And I created an entire blog post out of my random thoughts and some random photos, lol. Early Fall in Stockholm – well I guess this post did kind of sum that up, so that’s good, huh!? Oh well, sorry about my brutal honesty in this post about my current state of mind, and hope that you still liked the post. Take care and don’t forget to follow me on Instagram! ♥

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