Do you believe in manifestation, in other words, the law of attraction? I do, and I’ve got proof that it works, let’s talk manifestation!

I haven’t read The Secret, but maybe I should. My love for manifestation and the law of attraction was born through listening to podcasts and watching Youtube-videos from spiritual people. I never thought it sounded too good to be true, but actually really solid. It made sense to me, that your thoughts shape your future. So, I’ve been practicing manifestation for a few years now, and as I already mentioned – I’ve got proof that it really works! Here’s a few examples…

Let's talk manifestation - Los Angeles dreams

Now here’s a pretty view of palm trees and the typical pink California sunset as seen in LA. You see, when I was in LA in November 2019 with my ex, I made a pact with myself to come back asap. I remember driving down Washington Boulevard in Venice Beach on the last day, looking at the palm trees with a beautiful pink sunset behind them, listening to “everything I wanted” by Billie Eilish. It was a whole moment, a very special one. And I remember thinking that I will be back, and when I get back I will be happy and have a man on my left who adores me.

Well… Cut to: March 2020, a little over 3 months later, I found myself driving down Washington Boulevard, looking at all the tall, pretty palm trees, with a god damn man who adored on my left side. We were on our way home after a perfect date night and I felt so happy. I remember the moment very well. His hand on mine, me with a tear in my eye. Magic!

Let's talk manifestion - Hollywood Boulevard

Another proof of the magic of manifestation are these stairs. These white marble stars with pink flower bushes on the side of them. Located on Hollywood Boulevard, Los Angeles, right by the entrance to Runyon Canyon.

So, in November 2019 when I was in LA with my ex, we spent a day hiking in Runyon Canyon. Afterwards we walked down Hollywood Boulevard to go search for acai bowls, and I remember us walking by these very stairs and me saying to my ex “imagine living here, so close to Runyon Canyon and walking down these beautiful stairs every day”. Welllllllll…

3 months later when I was in LA and went to look at a new apartment, I just typed in the address in Google Maps, and ended up by these stairs. Imagine my shock! So, I spent almost 2 months living in this house with these beautiful stairs, walking down the stairs everyday looking at the pretty flowers, hiking in Runyon Canyon several days a week… Ah, can you believe it!? If that isn’t a magical story of manifestation, I dunno what is.

Let's talk manifestation - Santa Monica

I also got a manifestation story about this Santa Monica view… But I’ll write about that another time! Enough manifestation talk for today, haha.

But hey, aren’t these manifestation stories pretty crazy, huh!? I believe in the magic of manifestation and I am continuously manifesting the things I want in my life. The power of the mind and the magic of the Universe is amazing. Simply amazing.

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