To travel the world was always my dream as a child. I remember my grandparents having an old suitcase at their house, and I was so fascinated by it. Packing my bags and going off somewhere seemed like such an adventure, and I could not wait for the day when I’d be able to do so. At 30 years old and after traveling to over 20 countries all over the world, I’m still as excited by packing my bags and going off on adventures as I was dreaming of as a kid. What I’ve learned about travel though, is that it is an absolute travel must-have to have good luggage, just like that old suitcase at my grandparent’s house. Luggage that can stand the test of time, and still look good!

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Travel must-have: good luggage

Good luggage really is the number one travel must-have, how else are you supposed to carry your belongings with you when you travel? It needs to be of good quality, because luggage is a little bit of a bigger investment than your average bag, and you want to buy luggage that’s gonna stand the test of time and keep up with all of your travel for years to come. Luckily, most travel luggage brands have a very long warranty – but still, of course, you want the luggage you just bought to last for many, many years to come! My new bags by American Tourister (that I got from, has a worldwide warranty of 3 years, and I’d say that’s pretty standard. But, I’ve also seen brands that have 5-10 years warranty (f.ex. Victorinox).

I prefer hardcover luggage over soft side luggage. I had soft side luggage for a couple of years, but as the bags can be exposed to rain and moisture during the trips you take (at the airport, etc.), I often ended up with moist bags. Of course, soft side luggage can be a bit more expendable than hardcover luggage, but still – hardcover luggage is safer in my opinion, and I’ve made the choice to choose safety over the possible extra space. What I’ve instead made sure of, is to choose a big hardcover bag that is expendable – you simply zip it bigger when you need to! Easy peasy.

Travel must-have: good luggage
Travel must-have: good luggage

I have to admit, I am a bit over an over-packer… It does not matter if I’m gonna be away for a week or 2 months – I still bring both my carry-on bag and big bag, and they’re both packed as full as they can be. I have however become better at packing for shorter trips, like weekend-trips, and have mastered the technique of packing my carry-on luggage right. Above you can see some of the items I always pack in my carry-on: at least one full outfit, two pairs of shoes (or just one, depending on the shoes I’m wearing but still, always one extra pair in case of blisters, etc.)., my camera + camera accessories, snacks, underwear and socks for a few days, and a notepad + pen (in case my phone dies and I need to write something down).

What I really, really like about my new luggage is that they’re from a respectable travel luggage brand. American Tourister is the second-largest travel luggage brand in the world, and have been around since 1933 – how cool is that? I trust the quality of their luggage and I could not be happier with my bags. They are with me on my trip to Los Angeles, and packing them, traveling with them, and so on couldn’t have been easier. I also love the fact that they are black! Of course, I chose the color myself… But, I’ve always wanted to have a matching pair of travel luggage in black from a high-quality brand – and now I have that! So, thank you so much for making my travel dream come true. Now I finally have the kind of luggage and can take off on the kind of adventures that I dreamed of as a child when seeing the old suitcase at my grandparent’s house! 🖤

If you haven’t already checked out webshop already, you really should! Especially if you’re on the lookout for new luggage. They have all of the best brands, at low prices. They also have a great customer service that will answer any kind of questions you might have about the bags that you might possibly order, AND their delivery times are insanely fast! I’m telling you – I was shocked at how quickly I got my new bags home, just in a few days. Thanks again, for this collaboration, and for making it easier for us travelers to find good luggage online!

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