OK so I’ve been in Los Angeles now for just over a week, and I’ve already learned so many new things about this town and the people here that I didn’t know before… Things that are funny, a bit weird and just crazy in my opinion. Ugh. I can’t believe I didn’t know these things about LA and people in LA before… Even though this is my fifth time here and I thought I had the city “under control”. Read on if you want to know which things I’ve learned about LA and people in LA since I got here. I really hope you find them interesting, and if not – I’m sorry for wasting your time, hehe.

Things I've learned about LA and people in LA
  1. Firstly I’ve learned that Tinder is more of an app to get laid than to find people to date “normally” here. Which to me was very new! Tinder overall is new to me (I’ve never been on it before), and I decided to join now that I’m in LA, single, and so on. One of my best friends found her husband on the app, and it’s considered a “good app to find people to date on” back home. BUT, let’s just say that I’ve quickly learned that the only thing LA guys seem to want from Tinder is girls they can have sex with. It’s only been a bit over a week, but I’ve already had my fair share of “interesting” conversations… Oh my if someone would see the suggestions and lines I’ve gotten from guys on Tinder already. It’s OK if that’s your thing, but let’s just say that Tinder in Los Angeles isn’t for me. Sorry!
  2. Secondly, I’ve learned that you can wear fleece jackets, wool scarfs, gloves, etc. in Los Angeles on a sunny day and still be freezing your ass down. Sure, I’ve been in LA before in January and it was cold that time also, BUT – it’s never been this cold in my opinion. Oh my, have I been freezing since I got here! It’s a weird cold like it really bites. I don’t like it at all, and I am so looking forward to warmer days ahead… I need my beach days!
  3. The third thing I’ve learned is that it’s very common to brag about having more money than you actually have. Sure, I suspected this, but now I’ve learned that it’s actually true. People here brag and pretend to be more successful than they really are, and I feel like that is so sad… This city is all about succeeding and “being someone”, so I get it, but still – so sad that it’s gotta be that way.
  4. The fourth thing that I’ve learned is that everyone in LA is super-healthy and fit. Of course, I knew this already, but it’s like it finally sunk in this time around here in LA. I notice it more now, and I think that it’s got to do with the fact that I now live in Santa Monica – I kind of suspect that people here closer at the beach are more into staying fit and healthy than people in f.ex. West Hollywood, Hollywood, Downtown LA and so on. The beach lifestyle you know…
  5. Fifth thing – Yogi tea and parmesan cheese is cheaper here than in Finland (at least at Ralph’s). I love Yogi Tea but I rarely buy it at home in Finland because it’s so expensive, but I bought a package of it at Ralph’s the other day for just a bit over 2,50$ – which I thought was really cheap! I also found two different kinds of parmesan cheese this morning for just 4$ (if I remember correctly they are about 5-6 euros at home).
Things I've learned about LA and people in LA
Things I've learned about LA and people in LA

There you go, 5 things I’ve learned about LA and people in LA this time around! Did you know these things, or are they completely new to you? Let me know in the comment section ♥

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  1. 01/21/2020 / 15:03

    Överlag känns det som att amerikaner är mera snabba på att skryta om hus mycket pengar de har…speciellt i kalifornien! Kan ju hända att det beror på vilket sällskap man är med, men upplevde en betydligt mera ödmjukthem i OKC än i Sacramento. Finländare är ju typ för ödmjuka haha.

    • Hanna
      01/24/2020 / 05:40

      Så sant! Intressant. Haha jo vi e väl de, “får int skryta, får int låtsas som att man e nåt”… Jante 😀

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