California, here I am! It’s day 1 of 14 and I am so happy to be here. The flight here was so smooth… We flew Finnair and their new Airbus A350-900, and it was one of the smoothest flights I’ve been one in years! No turbulence at all, and fresh air & lots of space on board. Ah, it was perfect!

Touchdown: California

Our first stop on our 14 days of roadtrippin’ in California is Laguna Beach, a place I’ve loved and been obsessed with ever since the show Laguna Beach was on MTV. I just like the vibe here so much! And the beaches are also very beautiful…

We’ve been walking around here all day, and it’s even better here than I remembered it. Ah, I don’t think I ever wanna leave Laguna Beach..!?

Touchdown: California

What’s up with the rest of our California trip?

Well, after 4 nights in Laguna Beach we’re leaving for Joshua Tree, where either of us has been before – so that’s exciting! We’ll be there for two nights, and stay at a cute little Airbnb, that’s also kind of remote from what I’ve read. Adventurous!

…then, after Joshua Tree, we drive back to LA and spend 3 nights in the Hollywood Hills. Last, we spend 5 nights in Hermosa Beach, a place I haven’t been before (just Manhattan Beach, that is like the “neighbor town” of Hermosa Beach).

So, that’s our plan! I do hope that this will ll be a memorable trip… I don’t remember if I’ve written this before or not, but this is actually my 30th Birthday trip! My Birthday is on November 19th, so this trip was kind of a dream come true to me – to spend my 30th in California. Yay!

Touchdown: California

Fingers crossed the weather will be on our side during the rest of our days here. Today it’s been a bit so and so… Really cold and foggy most of the day! Oh well, let’s just hope for the best! ♥

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