Vasa, oh Vasa! My current hometown that I’ve been living in for 10 years now… I love this little town. Especially during Summer-time, when the town really comes to life. Walks along the shore, bicycle rides to Faros or Strampen on warm weekend nights, having picnics by Åbo Akademi, going on walks around Metviken… This town really feels like home after 10 years.

To celebrate my 10 year anniversary in Vasa, I am going to show you my new favorite poster; the Vasa poster from syster henry! And also tell you a little bit more about syster henry and why I am so happy to be doing a collaboration with this cute little home decor and kids brand. Read on! ♥

This blog post is written in collaboration with syster henry.

Vasa poster from syster henry

Vasa, my hometown for the last 10 years, in a beautiful poster

First, let’s talk about the poster! I mean, how cute is it..?

There’s the pink castle of Skolhusgatan, Åbo Akademi (where I studied for several years), the “brick tower” on Brändö, and some more spots that are famous to Vasa… Ah, I love it! It’s my hometown in a nutshell.

As you may know, or have noticed from photos, my home is not the most colorful one (hehe). It’s mostly black, white, green and grey. But you know what? This poster is the perfect color touch that our apartment needs! I had a really hard time deciding on where to hang the poster though, but I think I’ve decided on keeping it in my little grid above my work-desk. It looks good up there, don’t you think?

syster henry – wall art, home decor and playful design

The first time I came in contact with syster henry was in this Spring, when their founder and artist Nina Albrecht sent me an email, asking for my help with marketing for syster henry. I really loved her art and the brand, as well as thought that Nina seemed like a really good person, so I jumped on the opportunity and have been working with syster henry ever since!

One of the main things I’ve helped syster henry with, is designing their new webshop, have a look at it here. Cute, huh? I really like their webshop, if I might say so myself, hehe.

If you want to read more about Nina and the story behind syster henry, you can do so on this page.

Vasa poster from syster henry

City posters, nature posters, kids posters, and other fun stuff!

In their webshop, syster henry sells city posters, nature posters, kids posters, and other fun (and creative!) stuff. My absolute favorite category is, of course, the city posters! I am actually thinking about getting the Helsinki one as well…

The syster henry posters would make really great Christmas gifts this year, don’t you think? Vasa-posters for your friends in Vasa, Helsinki for the ones in Helsinki, Borgå for the ones in Borgå… Then some of the kids posters to friends and family with kids. Or, if you have a child who’s having a birthday or need a gift for a newborn – why don’t you get them the Birthday frog poster? That one and the Lake name poster are my two favorites among the kids posters.

syster henry is all about creativity and playfulness

What I really feel is the essence of the brand syster henry, is the creativity and playfulness! They’re not a “regular poster brand”, they’re a brand created by a very creative designer, and I absolutely love that. They’re unique, and you won’t find posters like these elsewhere.

I also love that they care about the environment, and thus use the best, high-quality materials that also are environmentally-friendly. Thumbs up for that!

Vasa poster from syster henry

Ah, I’m so happy to be doing this collaboration with syster henry to get the opportunity to tell you all about this amazing brand! BIG THANKS to Nina, for wanting to work with me and for gifting me this beautiful Vasa poster.

AND HEY GUESS WHAT!? I’m doing my first giveaway EVER on Instagram with syster henry today! So be sure to check it out HERE and participate, for a chance to win your favorite poster from syster henry ♥

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