HI bloggy! Long time no see, eh..? I’ve been super-busy lately and to be honest I have no idea how Fall season have managed to fly by so fast… I mean it’s November already, and -5 celcius degrees! Winter is here and I am just mind-blown. ANYWAY, I thought I’d give you a little life update on my Fall and Winter – what I’ve been up to, plans for the coming month, etc. Read on! ♥


Trips I’ve taken and trips still coming up

First and foremost, Summer ended with a week in Italy/Switzerland, just like last Summer. I didn’t think it was possible to fall more in love with the Lake Como area and Andermatt, but apparently I did… And now I can’t wait to go back for a third time!

You can read more about the Italy/Switzerland days here and here, or just simply scroll through my Instagram feed or check my saved story-highlights.

…and then in September, I went on a sponsored influencer-trip to Geneva! Which you can read more about here. The plan is to write a little Geneva guide for you, but, I’ll get to that as soon as I have a little bit more time on my hands! You can also check my Instagram for photos in both my feed and saved story-highlights.


In October I stayed home most of the month, but actually did a quick one-night getaway to Helsinki for some meetings, a radio interview, etc., and got to stay one night at the newly opened Noli Studios in Katajanokka! Ah, always good to be back in Helsinki.

So what trips are coming up now in November..? Well, CALIFORNIA of course! Man, have I been waiting for this trip… I’m turning 30 while we’re there and I just hope that it’ll be the trip of a lifetime. I won’t tell you too much about our travel plans in advance, BUT, we’re gonna stay in Laguna Beach, Joshua Tree, Hollywood Hills (on Mulholland Drive!!!), and in Hermosa Beach. I’ve never been to Joshua Tree nor Hermosa Beach (just Manhattan Beach), so I’m super-excited about that! Ah, can’t wait to get to my beloved Cali. One week to go… Make sure to follow me on Instagram while we’re there, there’s gonna be some intense updating!


What else is going on in my life?

Enough about my trips, what else is going on in my life..? Hmm well, to be honest… Some big life decisions. My entire body has been aching for adventure in recent years, and I feel like I need to do something about it. And I actually put a deadline on myself last year in November… By New Year 2019, I need to have a plan. So… Won’t tell you more, but let’s just say that my head has been boiling over with thought and ideas for the entire year, and I really need for something to happen. BUT, we’ll see… I’ll keep you updated!

I’ll be checking in again on Sunday regarding a fun collaboration and an anniversary… 10 years in Vasa, insane! So… Stay tuned for that post! Take care until then and have a great rest of the week ♥

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