Skincare has always been tricky to me. When I got to puberty at the beginning of high school, I got my first pimples on my cheek – and they kept coming back for years and years. In my mid-twenties, the pimples just got worse and worse, and even cystic. They used to be so big, hurt so much, and go so deep down into my skin… Ugh, it was horrible! And of course, I tried getting rid of them in the worst way possible – by drying out my skin and using really nasty products with a bunch of alcohol and weird ingredients in them. I even used to put on hydrocortisone!

But, nothing seemed to work… Until the day when I realized that I’ve completely bulldozed my skin with nasty products when all it really needed was natural, and kind-to-the-skin products in my skincare routine that would calm it down again.

This post is written in collaboration with my new favorite skincare brand, NIKI NEWD.

My natural skincare routine with NIKINEWD
My natural skincare routine with NIKINEWD

But, all didn’t “get well” immediately… You see, after finally getting rid of my cystic pimples a few years ago, my skin got another not-so-pleasant problem to deal with… Perioral dermatitis. I won’t get into it too much, but shortly said it’s making my skin very dry, and I occasionally get “pimples” (they’re not pimples, but kind of looks like them) and a “rash” (red area that is sensitive and get’s worse if you try and make it “disappear” with makeup, etc.) around my nose and mouth -area. It’s super-annoying to have this disease, and it’s probably the result of me bulldozing my skin with nasty products for years before realizing what I was doing wrong…

But now finally, here I am, at almost 30 years old, finally without cystic pimples and a skin that’s not always red and irritated – thanks to natural skincare products that have helped to heal my skin, AND a new diet that suits my body.

In this blog post, I’ll talk to you about my skincare routine these days, containing only 100% natural products that keep my skin happy and moisturized. Read on! ♥

My natural skincare routine with NIKINEWD

What helped to heal my skin – natural skincare products and a new diet

My skin-story, and how it’s finally gotten better – is a really long one. And therefore I won’t write too much about it anymore… Instead, I’ll just make a list of some of the things that have healed my skin, before I jump into more about my new favorite skincare brand, that I’m actually writing this blog post in collaboration with.

  • Natural skincare products. No nasty chemicals, hard-to-pronounce INCI-lists, alcohols, E330’s, etc. – only natural ingredients that won’t fuck up my skin nor body in general.
  • Chlorella. Seriously, this algae has helped the insides of my body and skin a LOT! I started taking chlorella almost 5 years ago, and the first two months were a nightmare… My body and skin went through such a detox! But, I think I’ll write a separate post on my relationship with chlorella, keep your eyes out for that one!
  • A diet that’s free from gluten, soda, meat, etc., and almost completely free from sugar and dairy. Finally realizing what foods my body likes and dislikes, has really helped to keep my skin steady.
  • Supplements. Not only chlorella but also Vitamin C, probiotics, multi-vitamin, magnesium, omega 3, etc. Supplements really have played a huge part in my skin finally calming down.

Please remember, that even though these things might’ve helped me and my skin – they might not be the things that’ll do the trick for you! Were all different and our bodies work differently, what works for me might not work for you… But with that said, if you have problems with your skin, it might be worth trying if everything else you’ve tried has failed!

My natural skincare routine with NIKINEWD
My natural skincare routine with NIKINEWD

NIKI NEWD – ultra-fresh natural skincare products from the best, food-grade ingredients in the world

Let’s talk about NIKI NEWD – my new, absolute favorite skincare brand!

I could go on and on about how much I love this brand, but let’s keep it short – here are some of my top reasons why I am so obsessed with NIKI NEWD and why I am so proud to be doing this collaboration with them:

  1. It’s all in the sub-heading: “ultra-fresh natural skincare products from the best, food-grade ingredients in the world”. I mean, how awesome? All of their products are fresh, natural and contain only high-quality ingredients, of which most can even be eaten.
  2. Their visual identity is SO ME! Black, green, white, nature… Are you kidding me..? Just look at their Instagram-feed, it’s so pretty and appealing. I am completely obsessed with all the content they produce to their website and social media -channels.
  3. Their products actually work! I’ve been using some of their products as my daily skincare routine for almost 3 weeks now, and I can honestly say that my skin has never felt better. It’s soft, calm and feels really healthy and clean! I truly am so happy.
  4. No preservatives, alcohol, additives or synthetics. YASSS!
  5. Based in Finland, with a lot of the ingredients in their products coming from local producers here in Finland. How great?
  6. They produce their products according to demand, so no product will ever go to waste! 12 batches a year, with every new batch starting to be produced on the 20th at 4 p.m. every month. This means, that if you want to receive NIKI NEWD products for the next month. you need to order your products before the 20th, and as the production takes about 1 week – you’ll be receiving the products you’ve ordered at the start of the next month. How great is this? I haven’t heard of a single other brand doing this, and I just think it’s so revolutionary and totally awesome. This is caring about the environment and wanting to stop waste, for real.

First time doing a skincare brand collaboration ♥

The thing is, that I have never ever before done a collaboration with a skincare brand! The reason why, is because I’ve always been very picky with the companies I collaborate with, and as skincare is a very dear matter to be – I wanted my first skincare collaboration to be with a brand that I can support to a 110%. NIKI NEWD is that brand. I stand by everything they do, and I am so honored and proud to be doing this collaboration with them. Funny thing is, that even though I am their biggest fan – they were the ones contacting me and wanting to do a collaboration. Isn’t that a match made in heaven or what?

Ps, confused by the bottle from Dermosil? Well, that’s my own homemade toner in it, not a Dermosil-product : )

My natural skincare routine with NIKINEWD
My natural skincare routine with NIKINEWD

The NIKI NEWD products that I’m using

OK, enough sweet-talk, you’re curious to know which NIKI NEWD products I’m using aren’t you..? So, let’s break it down – this is my current daily skincare routine using only natural products:

  • In the mornings, I don’t wash my face at all. Instead, I only “swipe” my face with my own handmade toner. What’s in it? 30% organic apple cider vinegar and 70% water, easy as that. I could write everything I know about apple cider vinegar and why it’s good for your skin, but as this post is long enough already – Google it yourself! Or ask me, if you’re curious – why not send me a DM or a comment on this post, and I’ll tell you more!
  • As my daily face moisturizer, I use the Skin cream from NIKI NEWD, which is a vitamin C and vitamin E -rich cream suitable especially for us with dry skin. It contains grapeseed oil, spring water, beeswax, vitamin C, vitamin E, and sea buckthorn – nothing else! As it contains water, it should be kept in the fridge, and I just love how cold and fresh it feels on my face when I apply it in the morning! It’s got a rich yellow color and feels really soft on the skin. As it is a fresh product with water in it, the water might be separated from the rest of the ingredients when you squeeze it out from the tube – but that’s normal, just blend it and it’ll look “normal” again.
  • In the evening I wash my face with the Oatmeal soap! It’s super-effective but still leaves the skin moisturized and not dry at all. What’s best is that it also removes makeup! You can read more about it here.
  • After washing my face with the Oatmeal soap, I also “swipe” my face with my own handmade toner.
  • Then, before applying Skin Glow from NIKI NEWD, my night-cream that feels like butter to my skin (it’s so moisturizing and I can really feel that my skin loves it!), I massage my face with the Skin Silk – which actually is my absolute favorite NIKI NEWD product! It’s an oil serum supercharged with lycopene-rich tomato seed oil and organic olive oil from millennial trees in Puglia, southern Italy. I absolutely love that the olive oil is from Puglia, as Puglia is a destination I’m currently dreaming about visiting… The Skin Silk feels amazing on my skin, and I totally get the name as it really feels like silk on the skin.
  • …that’s it!

What really has surprised me with the NIKI NEWD products, and especially the Skin Cream, is that I can wear makeup over the products! I’ve never been able to wear makeup over natural skincare products before (as they’ve probably been too oily, not allowing my makeup to stick…), and I was honestly so surprised and happy when I realized that it was totally fine. And the makeup really stays! I feel like that’s very rare when it comes to oil-based natural products, and so worth mentioning.

My natural skincare routine with NIKINEWD
My natural skincare routine with NIKINEWD

Besides the products in my now daily skincare routine, I’ve also tested the Coconut skin mask, and I loved it! I thought it was gonna be a struggle to blend it, but it was really easy. Just pour the mask water and the “mask-powder” into a bowl and blend it, then apply it – easy as that! It can be used “just like that”, f.ex. while you’re watching a movie, but for it to work even better – you can wear it while you’re in the sauna! When you wear it in the sauna and the mask stays warm, it won’t harden. But if you wear it “just like that” at room temperature, it hardens and can feel like a struggle so wash off.

But, my tip is to massage it gently with Linen Washcloth that comes with the Oatmeal Soap, and some hot water – and you’ll get it washed off in no-time. The mask contains gluten-free oatmeal, coconut powder, potato starch, and yeast, and should be used all at once in order to be the most effective. I really loved the mask, and it felt like my face got a wake-up-call from it, as well as a little boost of moisture. Another mask that I’d really love to try is the Beta Glucan skin mask, read more about that one here.

My natural skincare routine with NIKINEWD

Ah, I feel like there’s so much more that I could talk to you about regarding natural skincare and especially NIKI NEWD! But, as this blog post is getting really long, I feel like we should put an end to it, or else you’ll need an entire day to read it all… But, if you have any questions regarding NIKI NEWD or natural, fresh skincare products overall – please don’t hesitate to ask me! I am really read up on it and am happy to share it. I’m also sure that NIKI NEWD wouldn’t mind answering any questions you might have either, so you can probably hit them up via their website or Instagram also. They are an amazing and very real brand, and I cannot but recommend their products with all my heart.

If you want to buy NIKI NEWD products, I can tell you that a new batch will be made soon (October 20th to be precise), meaning that you have a little less than a week on you to make an order to receive it by the start of November! They actually have a countdown in the header of their website, so keep an eye out on that one.

I really hope that you enjoyed this post! It felt a bit more personal than my usual posts, but I am so happy that I wrote it and so happy that I’m doing this collaboration with NIKI NEWD

My natural skincare routine with NIKINEWD

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