A lovely weekend in Geneva

So, where do I begin..? Last weekend (19.-22.9.), I spent 3,5 lovely days in Geneva with six inspiring women (of which five were influencers like myself). I feel like I still haven’t really landed after the weekend (even though it’s now over a week since I got home…) and I am so grateful for getting the opportunity to go on a trip like this. We had such a lovely weekend in Geneva and I can’t wait for the day that I get to go back ♥

A lovely weekend in Geneva


The reason I was in Geneva, was that I was attending #genevaSMILE workshops hosted by the inspiring duo Veera and Sara. They choose 4 micro-influencers from Finland out of over 200 applicants, and somehow I happened to be one of the 4, whoa! I never win anything, so this came as a complete shock to me, and I am still so happy that I was chosen as one of the 4 to come along.

All of the workshops were really interesting, and it was fun to learn more about photography and the influencer business from Veera and Sara‘s point of view. Thanks a bunch girls, for sparking the inspiration in me for this business again!

A lovely weekend in Geneva
A lovely weekend in Geneva

Vineyard nights, city strolls, boat rides, bike rides, lots of good food, karaoke nights, and a taxi-ride to France

Of course, we also had time for (barely, haha) other stuff than “just” workshops… We spent a magical night at a stunning vineyard (where we saw the most epic sunset), spent a beautiful morning on a boat, did some city strolling, went for a bike ride to the beautiful area of Carouge, ended up at a karaoke bar that felt more like entering the finale of American Idol, and ate a LOT of really good food. I must say that I’m really impressed by the food in Geneva, wow! It was actually much better than in Andermatt.

Oh… And we also took a taxi-ride to France, HAHA! By mistake. Let’s just say we had some communication problems with the taxi-driver… But hey, it makes for a good memory!

I love you, Geneva!

As you might’ve noticed, if you follow me on Instagram, I fell completely in love with Geneva… So much that I’ve in fact been googling “moving to Geneva” ever since I got back, haha! Oh and as I am a very spontaneous human being – don’t be surprised if I actually go through with it… You never know!

Anyone else who’s been to Geneva, and has fallen in love with it?

That’s all for now I guess. I just wanted to push out a quick post to show you some photos from the weekend and let y’all know what I’ve been up to lately. But I guess I’ll be writing more posts on Geneva soon, so, stay tuned!

Big thanks to the amazing women I got to know on this trip: Sara, Reetta, Elina, Veera, and Taru! And of course Johanna (behind the camera in the photo above). You’re all so good at what you do, and it was so much fun getting to know you. I sure hope we’ll all meet again, maybe somewhere in Switzerland..? Hehehe, fingers crossed! ♥

Photos in this post are mostly by myself, but some are also shot with Sara’s camera, and some by Veera, Reetta, and Johanna.

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