As you all probably know, I’m a healthy person. I’ve always preferred natural foods and been especially obsessed with smoothies for years & years. Therefore, it’s such a pleasure for me to now announce that I’m going to be an ambassador for Humble – a Finnish brand that makes 100% natural & healthy snacks and drinks. Plus, all of their products are vegan and gluten-free. How awesome?!

You’ll be seeing more of the ambassadorship on my channels this Fall, but first, let’s start with this blog post… Read on!

The blog post is written in collaboration with Humble.

Healthy snacks and drinks from Humble

Ambassador for Humble – a Finnish brand that makes 100% natural snacks and drinks that actually taste good

“Founded by Mikko Lahdetie, Humble was started with the belief that good, honest and natural foods & drinks are not only achievable, they can also be made without sacrificing on flavor.”

I had only just discovered Humble and bought one of their health bars (Big Bite) in a food store when I sent them an email asking if they’d want to collaborate with me on my social media. Finding a cool Finnish brand that makes 100% natural snacks and drinks that actually taste ah-mazing was so awesome, that I just HAD to reach out to them immediately!

As an ambassador, I’ll be making several posts in collaboration with Humble this Fall – both here on my blog and on my other social media channels (Instagram, Pinterest, etc.). In my next posts, I’ll talk to you more about how I eat Humble snacks and so on, but in this first post, I think I’ll start this collaboration in a humble way (haha, get the joke!?) by simply presenting the brand and why they are so awesome. I’ll also show you some of their new (and super-yummy!) products, that are so fresh you can’t even find them in their webshop yet! Yummm…

I'm an ambassador for Humble - a Finnish brand that makes 100% natural snacks and drinks that actually taste good
Healthy snacks and drinks from Humble

My Humble favorites – 100% natural and organic smoothies

As a smoothie lover since forever (?), I have to say that my absolute favorites of all Humble products are the smoothies. Not only because they taste heavenly (seriously, they’re SO good), but also because they aren’t only 100% natural but also 100% organic*! At 300 ml, they’re the perfect size for a healthy snack in between the meals when you need a pick-me-up.

Even though all of the smoothes taste delicious, green smoothies are my forever-favorites when it comes to drinkable smoothies, and thus also my favorite Humble-smoothie! It just feels so good drinking a smoothie with vegetables in it, so fresh somehow..? Also, I’m really bad at eating vegetables… So, drinking smoothies with vegetables in them have always been important to me – to get my weekly dose of veggies. So convenient.

*the exception being some water in the coconut/pineapple smoothie.

Ps! Say HI to my new little office <3 I spontaneously ordered a desk and a chair the other week, and now they’ve finally arrived. I absolutely love having my own little corner in our apartment where I can actually feel like “I’m at the office”.

Healthy snacks and drinks from Humble

Even though the smoothies are my faves, I do love all 100% natural & healthy Humble snacks and drinks!

Yes, as this sub-heading says – I do love all Humble products, not just the smoothies. The Humble assortment consists of the following products:

  • Smoothies in 3 flavors (Coconut/Pineapple, Green, Mango)
  • Big bites in 2 flavors (Oat & Hazelnut and Oat & Berry)
  • 4 types of nut snacks (Energy Mix, Trek Mix, Snack Mix, and Fruity Mix)
  • T-shirts, hoodies and bags with a print that says “Have I told you I’m vegan?”
  • Fruit bites in 2 flavors (Mango & Coconut and Pineapple & Passion Fruit)
  • An organic ginger toddy
  • Organic coconut toffee in two flavors (Original and Chocolate)

When you look at the Humble webshop right now, you might be confused as the products don’t look as they do here in my post, nor are all of them even there… The reason behind that is that Humble is in the midst of renewing their products! The old “regular” smoothies are being replaced with cold-pressed smoothies (the ones in this post), some of the products won’t be a part of the assortment anymore, some new products have been added (like the green smoothie in this post), and so on.

…AND yet another change is happening, but I’ll tell you more about that in my next post in collaboration with Humble… Stay tuned!

Healthy snacks and drinks from Humble

“Have I told you I’m vegan?”

Now, you might be wondering about the t-shirt I’m wearing, am I really a vegan..? No, not 100%, but I’d like to be and I definitely strive to be.

As of now I, unfortunately, do eat a lot of foods that aren’t vegan (like eggs, parmesan cheese, and other cow milk products when I eat foods other people have cooked (at family & friends, sometimes at restaurants, etc.)) and I still do live a life with a lot of non-vegan products. BUT, as I wrote I definitely strive to be 100% vegan and I don’t use skincare with animal products, don’t wear any real fur or leather (except some shoes that I’ve had for ages), and so on. But the tee is cool, and as an aspiring vegan, I’m still gonna wear it!

If you want a similar tee for yourself, you can find them in Humble’s webshop. The tees are made out of 100% organic cotton and are really comfy to wear.

Healthy snacks and drinks from Humble

Let’s talk about the news in the Humble assortment!

Say hello to the yummiest (and healthiest) candy I’ve ever eaten, + organic ginger toddy!

As you may guess, being a healthy person and all, I rarely eat candy… It happens veeeeery rarely, and mostly only during Christmas. I do eat chocolate every now and then, but I actually don’t count that as candy as I always eat at least 70% chocolate with as little sugar as possible. But let me tell you – these Coconut Toffee’s are something else! Not only are they 100% organic, but they’re made out of coconut, how cool? The perfect candies for a health-freak like myself!

And as for the organic ginger toddy – it’s the perfect healthy yet still yummy drink for everyday use! Shake the bottle, pour up a few tablespoons of it in a glass, and just add water – then drink it. I use carbonated water and drink it in the evening when I want to drink something yummy and more than just regular water (that’s still healthy). I never drink soda, so this drink is kind of like “my soda”!

Healthy snacks and drinks from Humble

Humble – available online and in stores

As I’ve written, healthy snacks and drinks from Humble are available in their own webshop, BUT – you can also find them in stores here in Finland! You can f.ex. find them in both the S- and K-groups stores, and I myself have usually found them at my local S-market and K-market, but also at Citymarket. If you haven’t yet tried Humble products – I definitely dare you to do it!

Until the next post on Humble, stay tuned ♥

Ps, are you familiar with Humble since before, and perhaps you’ve also tried their products..? Tell me, I’m so curious!

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