Switzerland was always a destination I was curious about, but never really saw myself visiting. I don’t know why exactly, but somehow it felt so out of reach… Like it was too far away, or too expensive. But last Summer, me and my boyfriend very randomly and spontaneously decided to do a southern European road trip – and ended up starting the road trip in Switzerland, as the cheapest flights we found were to Zurich. We spent the first night of our road trip in a small village just East of Andermatt, but had dinner in Andermatt that night. We fell in love with Andermatt, and decided that we needed to come back one day. A whole lot sooner than expected, we ended up going back to Andermatt just one year later; this Summer! This time, we spent a luxurious spa weekend in the Swiss alps, and in this post – I’ll tell you all about it…

Post in collaboration with Radisson Blu Hotel Reussen, Andermatt.

Spa weekend in the Swiss alps
Spa weekend in the Swiss alps

One week in Italy and Switzerland

As you all know, or at least you that are following me on Instagram (if not, follow me here), our spa weekend in the Swiss alps this Summer, was a part of a one-week road trip that both started and ended in Milan, Italy.

We started with a night in Milan, then spent three nights in Lago di Como before driving to Andermatt in Switzerland – where we then spent two nights at the beautiful and new, 4-star spa hotel Radisson Blu Hotel Reussen, Andermatt (…before driving back to Lago di Como and spending one last night there before flying home again).

Spa weekend in the Swiss alps

Unlucky with the weather and our luggage…

Coming back to the Swiss alps again only after one year, was incredible! We were a bit unlucky with the weather, and it mostly rained during our weekend – but, we managed to get at least some rain-free moments to snap some photos of the beautiful landscape.

Before I go ahead and tell you more about the hotel we stayed at during our spa weekend, which I’m also writing this blog post in collaboration with, I have to excuse the somewhat bad quality of my photos in this post… You see, we never got our luggage – which included my better camera as well as some camera gear and chargers to both of my cameras. So, long story short – all photos in Switzerland were shot with my phone only. UGH! So disappointing, but there was nothing we could do about it… My bag came home one month (!!!) after our trip to Italy and Switzerland.

Spa weekend in the Swiss alps

Checking in at Radisson Blu Hotel Reussen, Andermatt for a spa weekend in the Swiss alps

OK, enough about the negative aspects of our trip… Now to the day when we checked in at Radisson Blu Hotel Reussen, Andermatt for a spa weekend in the Swiss Alps!

First, you cannot miss the hotel, as it is the first thing you see when you drive into Andermatt. My boyfriend had no clue at what hotel we were staying at, so when he saw the hotel he was “wow, this place looks so cool”. Imagine his joy when I told him that it’s the hotel we were staying at, priceless!

Below you can see the hotel from the entrance, so nice right?! Unfortunately, I didn’t snap any photos from the garage, BUT, the hotel has it’s own garage (that is so fresh and clean!) with an elevator up to the lobby. And of course, the garage was packed with cool cars, a lot of Porsches! We felt a little bit misplaced with our tiny Citroën from SIXT car rental, hehe.

Swiss chocolate and a room with a view

Checking into our room we discovered that we had a room with a magical view of the mountains, so nice! Unfortunately, they had a bit of construction going on outside during the Summer, but I imagine that as soon as that’s done – the mountain view is going to be absolutely amazing!

Spa weekend in the Swiss alps

…they also surprised us with a plate of Swiss chocolate and a cute note. Of course, the first thing I did was to change into a robe, jump on the bed and eat all the chocolate! And man, it was SO delicious. Swiss chocolate really is so yummy ♥

A roomy bathroom with an amazing shower

I do have to say, that what I loved the most about our room at Radisson Blu Hotel Reussen, Andermatt was the bathroom! It was so roomy and nice. It was all perfectly planned, and I loved the fact that the shower had the “thing to handle the water temperature” in the front of the shower cabin – that way one could adjust the temperature of the water before the risk of having to step into the water (and it being freakishly cold!). I absolutely loved that feature, so convenient! Bathroom goals for sure.

…and of course, the bathroom had the regular set of Radisson Blu bath products, that I love! The display is always so cute. If you don’t remember, or didn’t see it – I spent a weekend at another Radisson Blu in June, read about it here.

The beauty of the Swiss alps

Switzerland is, of course, known for its beautiful landscapes. Which also was the main reason for our re-visit to the country this Summer – we really wanted to go back and experience the beauty of the Swiss Alps again! The mountains are so beautiful, and it’s such a surreal feeling to be in the middle of snow during Summer!

I must say I didn’t see a single cat or dog during our Switzerland-days this year (nor last year for that matter), but – cows were everywhere! Seriously, there are cows on every second field of grass… No wonder, I guess they need that milk for all the Swiss cheese and milk chocolate they’re producing (hello Emmentaler cheese and Lindt). And I, as an animal-lover, of course, loved seeing cows walking around freely with gorgeous views of the Alps. Ah, cow-heaven!

Spa weekend in the Swiss alps
Spa weekend in the Swiss alps

An afternoon at the spa – a spa weekend essential

We arrived at the hotel pretty late on Friday night and didn’t have a lot of time to explore the hotel, so we made plans to go to the spa on Saturday afternoon – and so we did (after a few hours of hiking).

I wouldn’t say that we chose the best time to visit the spa at the hotel… I mean, it was a Saturday afternoon and raining outside – basically, everyone staying at the hotel was at the spa the same time as us! So, the photos you see below from the spa were all taken on Sunday morning (when it was much calmer). We did spend a few hours at the spa on Saturday, but as it was so noisy and also a bit stressful, we decided to get up an hour earlier on Sunday to give the spa a new, calmer try as well. And I am so glad that we did! Our morning at the spa was magical! It was just us and another couple there, so we had almost the entire spa to ourselves and could start our Sunday relaxed and well.

So, that’s a great tip for you (at any hotel spa really) – go there early in the morning, in order to have the spa all to yourself! Afternoons seem to be busy, we actually had the same experience when staying at KUST Hotell in Piteå this Spring, read about it here.

Spa weekend in the Swiss alps
Spa weekend in the Swiss alps
Spa weekend in the Swiss alps
Spa weekend in the Swiss alps

A steady breakfast before a day of hiking in the Alps

As a breakfast person, I love hotel breakfasts! And I very much approved of the breakfast at Radisson Blu Hotel Reussen, Andermatt. They had everything you could ever want for breakfast, and even had a chef making eggs/omelets by order!

I usually overeat on hotel breakfasts (oops), and this time was no exception… I actually think I overate more than I’ve ever done! It was in fact so bad that I had to lie down for half an hour afterward, I thought my stomach was gonna explode… But you know, I couldn’t help myself, the breakfast was SO good! And besides, when you’re gonna hike in the Alps – you definitely need a steady breakfast, right?

Beauty all around Andermatt

Andermatt really is the perfect destination if you want to experience the Swiss Alps, there’s incredible beauty all around the cute little town! I also noticed that it’s a very friendly town, everyone was so nice to us, even though we were tourists. Of course, I’m sure they’re very used to tourists and know how to act around them – but still, they all felt genuinely friendly.

What’s great about Andermatt is also the fact that it’s so close to Italy! I mean, you can easily do a road trip as we did – visiting both Italy and Switzerland! Andermatt is just a bit over 20 km from the Italian border, how convenient?

Spa weekend in the Swiss alps

Why choose Radisson Blu Hotel Reussen, Andermatt?

Why we (I, as my boyfriend didn’t even know the name of our hotel before, haha) chose Radisson Blu Hotel Reussen, Andermatt for our spa weekend in the Swiss alps – was that we wanted a little bit of luxury during our Switzerland-weekend! We didn’t wanna stay in a “regular hotel”, instead we wanted a better hotel with a spa. And this is also the reason why I think that YOU should choose this hotel on your next adventure to the Swiss Alps – for that extra bit of luxury! It really is so nice to have a wonderful spa waiting for you when you get back from a day of hiking in the Alps… And starting a day with a morning swim in a pool with a beautiful view of the Alps – ah, magical!

“Modern Swiss chalet meets Scandinavian design in our Andermatt hotel”

Spa weekend in the Swiss alps

Until we meet again, Switzerland

The Universe must really want me to become obsessed with Switzerland, as I actually am going back in just over 2 weeks! But this time I’m gonna be exploring Geneva together with a group of Finnish influencers. But, more on that trip later…

In regards to Andermatt and Radisson Blu Hotel Reussen, Andermatt – I could really see myself going back one day! But next time I definitely want to visit in the Winter, when there’s snow on the ground… It would be magical to be in Andermatt in December. Ah, maybe one day!

Now, as my final words in this post, I just wanna ask – have you ever been to Switzerland? If so – where in Switzerland? And could you ever see yourself going to the Swiss Alps for a spa weekend, including some hiking, of course..?

Please do check out Radisson Blu Hotel Reussen, Andermatt here on Instagram, and why not give them a follow.

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