When we moved into our current apartment, a little less than 2 years ago now, both I and my boyfriend were working nonstop. And we weren’t wat work, we were traveling or just being away from our home otherwise. Bottom line: we didn’t spend much time at home nor did we really care that much about our home. But now since I started my own company soon a year ago, and am working from home every single day – I’ve come to miss having a cozy home… I decided to take matters into my own hands, and re-decorate our bedroom, finally making it a cozy bedroom, by the help of Desenio.

*Post in collaboration with Desenio.

Finally a cozy bedroom

Finally a cozy bedroom – 2 years later

It really doesn’t take much to make a bedroom cozy, but still, we didn’t have one for almost 2 years – but now we do.

It’s crazy really how much re-arranging the furniture in a room, and buying some wallpapers & frames, can do for a room! Our bedroom feels much more inviting and cozy now, and it almost feels like I’m sleeping better now. that the room feels cozier.

Finally a cozy bedroom

Homey prints for a cozy feeling

Choosing prints for our bedroom wall was really hard! Especially since Desenio has an insane amount of prints to choose from… Whoa!

My first thought was to choose palm tree -prints, as I absolutely love palm trees. But I am really happy now that I changed my mind, and instead went for some more “homey” prints. Sure, palm trees can look “homey”, but somehow I feel like these that I picked instead have more of a “homey”-vibe still.

Finally a cozy bedroom

You can always get what you want

As you can see for yourselves, there are two big prints with plants, one with a quote and one with a drawing of a couple. The reason I chose the quote-print that says “you can always get what you want”, is because I strongly believe in that. I really believe that you can always get what you want – if you really want it and are putting in the work necessary to get whatever the heck it is that you want. Easy as that! And I feel like having the print on the wall will work as a great reminder of that.

Finally a cozy bedroom

Clothes on a rack – pretty comfy too?

But not only is it the new Desenio-prints that are bringing the coziness into our bedroom lately… I also think that our clothing rack does something for the coziness! I prefer clothing racks over having traditional wardrobes every day of the week. And I am SO happy that our clothing rack still holds our clothes… Haha! It’s starting to get a bit heavy…

Finally a cozy bedroom

Hey, what would a collaboration post be without a discount code?

You called it – nothing!

So here you go, a discount code that will give you 25% on the next order you make at Desenio; HANNASLIFESTYLE. The discount code is valid for 3 days only: 20.-22.8. Happy shopping! ♥

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