August, hello! Where did the Summer months go..? I’m left here like a question mark… Summer always flies by too fast, but this year it has been even worse. Anywho… We wanted to grasp the last juice of the Summer days left, and headed towards my boyfriend’s parents Summer house out in the archipelago on Sundays – and that’s where we’ve been until today. Soaking up the sun, enjoying the last days of Summer, ah those archipelago days!

Archipelago days


I’ll talk more about what we did in the archipelago during these days, and also show you some photos from the archipelago paradise we always run off to, in a second… BUT, first I just need to show you this tee that I wore basically all weekend (almost). It’s from the Finnish brand Makia clothing, and I’ve received it through a collaboration I’m doing with them on Instagram.

The quality of the tee is absolutely awesome, and as I love white tees with cool prints on them – this one suits me perfectly. I don’t know how well your French is, but the text on the tee means “habitant of an island”, sooo… Pretty suiting for a girl who just spent 3 days on an island, don’t you think..?

Archipelago days

Lazy days in the archipelago

Oh well, where was I..? RIGHT, I was gonna tell you about what we did in the archipelago… But truth to be told – not much. We really had some very lazy days in the archipelago.

I worked a bit, however. The greatest thing about being self-employed is that you’re able to work from wherever. So, this weekend I’ve been working from a terrace in the archipelago in the boiling sun, with some seagulls as music and the ocean as a view. Zero complaints.

Archipelago days

Cutie pies of the archipelago

Let’s be honest about the absolute highlight of spending some time in the archipelago… Obviously, it’s been hanging out with the cutie pies, Aska & Bronja! Aska is the one in the photo above, and Bronja I didn’t take any photos of on my phone this time (apparently). How cute is Aska though? THE. CUTEST.

Blue skies, lazy waters and wine o’clock

Other than dogs and work, it’s mostly been blue skies, lazy waters and wine o’clock. What a few perfect days out in the archipelago! Until next time, Norrstenarna.

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