Long-time no see! Sorry, it’s been a busy Summer. I really didn’t think it would be, but for some reason it has. Anyways… What is a Summer without a little getaway somewhere beautiful? Nothing, if you ask me. As I’m writing this, I’ve been back from dreamy Italy and Switzerland for about 5 days. Read on and I’ll tell you more…

Back from dreamy Italy and Switzerland

Dreamy trip to Italy and Switzerland – without our bags

Our trip to dreamy Italy and Switzerland started on Monday the 22st of July. We checked in our bags at Vasa airport and started our trip towards Milan and Italy. Well, we never got out bags, and still hasn’t (12 days later…).

Luckily, we had stuffed our hand luggage pretty well with clothes and necessities, but still… It was quite hard trying to survive on just a pair of underwear, a few dresses, and tops, etc. As you can imagine. I didn’t even have a bikini, and it was almost 40 Celcius degrees!

Back from dreamy Italy and Switzerland

Having a dreamy insurance was paying off for once

We were also very lucky to have our insurance cover all expenses for clothes and stuff you might need when your baggage gets delayed, so we did go on a little shopping spree to put some clothes on our back (a bikini for me, lots of underwear, jacket and pants for Switzerland, etc.).

BUT, the big BUT, was that I had one of my cameras as well as both of my camera’s chargers (the other camera was in my hand luggage, thank god!) in my lost bag… As well as a sim-card I was supposed to switch to during our trip, clothes, and products from clients that I was supposed to shoot during the trip, some camera gear, and so on.

Being in Italy and Switzerland for 8 days without these things was HELL as I knew how much money I was losing because of it, and how many clients I’d have to disappoint. And well yeah, you know what happens when you don’t have a functioning sim-card… You can’t call, text, or use the internet. Fantastic, NOT. 

Back from dreamy Italy and Switzerland

Dreamy, but still hell…

SO… Our trip was dreamy as hell, but still super-stressful and I was so frekkin’ sad and worried every day. And of course very pissed off at the company who was supposed to deliver our bags (and still hasn’t… even though we’re now home and have been since Tuesday night). Gosh, talk about ruining the mood of a trip.

OH WELL, as I said, our trip was very dreamy, despite the annoying little detail mentioned above. And if you’ve been following me for a while, you probably remember that we traveled to Italy and Switzerland around the same time last year as well..? We actually went to the exact same spots this year; Lago di Como in Italy, and Andermatt in Switzerland (+ 24 hours in Milan, a city none of us had visited before).

Palmtrees by the Duomo in Milan

More tales about our dreamy but hell: ish trip later

Writing this post, I notice how many tales I’ve still got to tell about the dreamy but hell-ish trip to Italy and Switzerland… All the hotels, our road trips, the FOOD<3, the sights… Ah! So much to tell. I’ll write more posts later, stay tuned!

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  1. 08/08/2019 / 09:47

    Ahhh, it is such a nightmare to not receive the bags when traveling! I’m usually really bad at packing enough stuff in the hand-luggage… How is it btw with the airline, do they give any kind of compensation?

    • Hanna
      08/08/2019 / 14:10

      Yup … Luckily, we had packed clothes etc. for 1-2 days in Italy, so we managed pretty OK while there. BUT, then when we headed for the 12 degrees in Switzerland we were kind of screwed and needed to go shopping. Yes, they’re supposed to give us some kind of compensation – but we’ll see how that goes. And also, our insurance company will cover the expenses for the clothes etc. we needed to buy on the trip in order to “get by” 🙂 Buuuuuuut, I’m still super-annoyed at Finnair.

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