I like to travel, there’s no surprise there. I also like to travel as often as I can, to as beautiful and/or interesting places as possible. But how the heck do I, as what you call a “normal” citizen, afford to travel..? My opinion is that everyone can afford to travel if they really want to, and in this blog post I’ll tell you all about my 5 best tips on how to afford travel! Read on…

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How to afford travel - my 5 best tips

It’s not as hard as you may think to afford travel

One of the biggest misconceptions regarding travel is that it’s something that not everyone can afford. THAT IS AS WRONG AS CAN BE. 

I’ve been traveling since I was 18, even though I’ve never had a big travel budget. Now in 12 months, I’ve traveled to Italy, Austria, Switzerland, Liechtenstein, Greece, the Maldives, London, Bali, and Estonia. Plus done some shorter trips to Sweden (Umeå, Stockholm, Gothenburg, Piteå, etc.).

I cannot stress it enough – it’s not as hard as you may think to afford travel. Now let’s get started on my 5 best tips on how to afford travel…

How to afford travel - my 5 best tips

#1 Save some money when you can

My first tip on how to afford travel is to save some money for travel when you can. You don’t have to be a big saver, but whenever you feel like you might have some cash over to spare for your travel-savings – don’t even think about it further, just put those cash into your travel-savings asap!

Personally, I have a separate bank account for travel savings. That way it’s easy to keep track on how much I’ve got saved, and also to move money into the savings account from my main account whenever I feel like I might have a few euros to spare.

#2 Stay updated – learn how to find cheap flights

As a travel-beginner, you may not know how to save on flights – how to find the cheap ones, where to find them, etc. But I suggest that you read this post, about how to find cheap flights, and also that you stay updated! Learn how to find cheap flights by yourself, simply by making it a habit to check for cheap flights online every now and then. I mean, that’s how I learned! I cannot even begin to estimate the hours I’ve spent on scrolling through sites looking for the cheapest flights… Oh man!

How to afford travel - my 5 best tips

#3 Always book your stays with

A few years ago, I realized that has a program that will make you a “Genius-member” after you’ve stayed you’ve booked and stayed at a certain amount of hotels via them, and give you a lot of discounts. I then made a decision to always book my hotels via, and I still do! I’m now a Genius-member since quite a few years back and I always get a discount on the hotels I book – how awesome?!

If you want to get 10% off your next hotel that you book with, please book via this link.

Dinner in the Maldives

#4 Don’t splurge while you travel

The best of these 4 tips is probably to not splurge while you travel. I know that it’s very common to spend a lot of money while you travel – on food, shopping, experiences, etc… But, don’t, and you’ll have more money for your next trip!

My boyfriend and I always laugh about how little we spend when we travel. We rarely never shop, and when we do it’s just something necessary – like when we were in Venice I got an ice cream stain on my white t-shirt, so I went into the nearest Zara and bought a new white t-shirt on sale for 4€… And we also eat very little when we travel; breakfast at the hotel we’re staying at, then some cheap snacks for lunch that we buy in a bigger grocery store to save on prices, some restaurant for dinner (never 3-course meals, 2-course tops, that’s it) and maybe some snacks in the evening if we’re hungry. When we were in Miami a few years back, we were even so cheap that some days we ate nothing but snacks, haha!

Our motto is to eat and shop at home – and experience when we travel.

#5 Rent a car to save on shuttles and tours

You might think that renting a car would be more expensive than managing on shuttles and tours for transportation and experiences? You’re wrong. My experience is that it’s much cheaper to rent a car, and drive everywhere yourself! That way you also get more freedom to explore places off the beaten path. Of course, there are exceptions, an expensive country like Switzerland being one of them.

AND THEN, there’s also all the little things – like not splurging on unnecessary things at home… I don’t eat candy, chips, etc. and I barely drink alcohol. Nor do we eat out that often (once a month..?), none of us shops (a few times a year, when we really need/want something), I don’t own a car, I don’t buy things on credit, and so on. Both of us keep a tight budget, let’s just say that, and that’s probably the main reason that makes it possible for us to travel.

Oh well, that’s it for now. I hope you liked this post and I wish you all the luck with your future travels ♥

How to afford travel - my 5 best tips

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