Let me tell you a secret. When I was little, my favorite thing to do was to draw and design houses. I could sit for days, just planning & drawing… Somewhere along the way I even started designing furniture. My big dream was to become an interior designer! But, as you grow older, dreams change. I realized that if I wanted to become an interior designer, I would have to study a lot of math – and well, I did not feel like doing that… So, here I am today, not an interior designer, BUT a blogger still interested in interior design who’s now writing a brand new blog post about her new, beautiful home decor from Papurino! Read on…

This post is written in collaboration with Papurino.

New beautiful home decor from Papurino

My interior design interest today

Even though I’m still very interested in interior design, I wouldn’t say that I spend a lot of time on this very interest. Sure, I pin some interior design -related pins on Pinterest and I do care about how our home looks. But I’m not obsessing over floor plans and reading interior design magazines like a maniac anymore (yes, I did that as a kid).

Nor am I spending that much money on interior decor. I cannot even remember the last time I bought something new for our home..! Nor do I splurge on the interior decor I buy, it’s mostly IKEA and Lagerhaus or Åhlens when I’ve been in Sweden, to be honest. You see, I don’t believe in splurging when it comes to interior design! Your home should only contain the necessities and beautiful items that you absolutely love looking at, that’s all. Or at least that’s my opinion.

I would also say that my interest in interior design has been influenced by climate change discussions in recent years. I now try to minimize my shopping and try to only buy items that are 1. made and shipped from my own country, and 2. that are made of as natural materials as possible. We’re talking quality – quality over quantity, which is something that I think that the Finnish brand Papurino that I’m writing this post in collaboration with, stands for.

New beautiful home decor from Papurino

Papurino – from nature to urban living

Now that I’ve introduced you to my interior design interest and my beliefs regarding it these days, let’s continue with an introduction of the brand this post is all about; Papurino.

Papurino is a Finnish interior decor brand, based in Hämeenlinna in the South of Finland. They sell wooden maps, magnetic poster hangers, wooden wall clocks, prints, jewelry made out of wood, some textiles, and more. All of their products are handmade and come in the uttermost excellent quality. They only use the best natural materials that they can find, straight from nature, and all of their products can be bought in their webshop. They also sell their products on a separate shop on Etsy.

New beautiful home decor from Papurino

Wooden world map and a merino wool blanket

Choosing which products I wanted for this collaboration, was not hard at all, despite the many beautiful home decor items in their webshop.

I’ve been looking for the perfect world map to put on the wall in our living room, and when I saw the wooden world map – I completely fell in love! This is the world map I’ve been looking for so long, but never found, until now. And it is absolutely perfect! It’s made of birch plywood, with the world map painted in black. The minimalistic design of it blends makes it the perfect addition to our living room wall!

The only thing tricky about the merino wool blanket was which one of them to pick; “Kuusikossa” or “Joella“… I finally chose Joella in black, but when I got back to Papurino with my choice – the Joella blanket was out of stock. But when I received the Kuusikossa blanket, I immediately knew that it was the blanket for me and our home! Joella has a pretty print on it too, but now that I have the Kuusikossa in our home – I realize that it suits our home-style better. It’s so pretty and so warm! I’m actually thinking about bringing it with me on a picnic soon… I’ll show you if I do!

Even more handmade Papurino home decor favorites

The wooden world map and the merino wool blanket that I’ve got, are of course not the only things in Papurino’s large sortiment of handmade home decor! They have quite a lot of beautiful items, and I have SO many more that I’d like to have in our home…

To get you an idea of all the beautiful products available in their webshop, I put together a little Papurino-collage below with some of my absolute favorites. Do you perhaps find any favorites that could fit well into your home too..?

Free shipping over 50€ and fast deliveries

If I haven’t yet convinced you of how great the Papurino brand and their beautiful products are, I do have to add that shopping at their webshop is pretty great! They offer free shipping for all orders over 50€ in Finland, and also a delivery time of only 1-3 days – how great!?

New beautiful home decor from Papurino

Last but not least, I want to say a big thank you to Papurino for doing this collaboration with me. Not only do I now have a couple of really beautiful and high-quality home decor products in my home, but I also got the opportunity to write about my interest in interior design and my values & beliefs regarding shopping home decor items. I think it is so important to think about the stuff that you buy and have in your home. Mass-consuming is soooo last decade, and I think that it’s so important to instead buy a few high-quality products made out of as natural materials as possible, and also to shop from brands in your own country as much as possible.

Papurino is one of few brands that I can say that I fully support, and can recommend to you 100%, and I’m so proud of having done this collaboration to spread the word about them. If you’re not doing it already, I hope you’ll follow them on Instagram, not only for product tips but also for a ton of interior design & decor inspiration.

Thank you all for reading, and enjoy the rest of your day! ♥


  1. mervi
    06/30/2019 / 16:49

    Heippa! Saanko udella millä muokkaat blogin ja instagramin kuvasi?ihana blogi😍

    • Hanna
      06/30/2019 / 17:54

      Oi kiitos paljon ♥ Muokkaan mun kuvia Adobe Lightroom -ohjelmassa, ja joskus vielä Afterlight tai VSCO -apeissa puhelimella 🙂

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