Midsummer is one of my favorite times of the year, and my favorite thing to do on Midsummer weekend is to go out to my boyfriend’s parents Summer house, that’s situated on a tiny little island with just a few Summer houses on it, out in the archipelago. We’ve been going there for years, and this year was no exception! So, in this post, I thought I’d share how I spent this year’s archipelago Midsummer, read on…

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Midsummer out at sea

Dogs, fish, sauna, boats and windy weather

When you spend time at my boyfriend’s parents Summer house in the archipelago, what you need to be OK with is the following; dogs, fish, sauna, boats, and windy weather – as this is what your time spent there is going to be all about.

You see, the family dogs are always with, and as they’re both quite big and also have big personalities – they’re really WITH (if you know what I mean). But I for one, do not mind at all, I love them so much (*insert heart-eyes*). Their names are Aska and Bronja, and they are some of the greatest dogs I’ve ever gotten to know.

Oh and not to favorize anyone of the two… BUT, Aska is my favorite, she’s the one to the right. Isn’t the cute!? She’s also a bit crazy, but that’s why I like her so much.

As for the fish, sauna, boats and windy weather…

My boyfriend’s stepdad is a fisherman, so basically all we eat while at their Summer house is fish! And for the sauna, well, there’s no running water over there so if you want to wash up – sauna is the key. What’s a Midsummer without endless sauna baths anyway..?!

Boats are an important part of the time spent there because you have to go there by boat, and basically have nothing else to do all day but spy on by-passing boats… Boats, boats, boats!

Oh and the windy weather is one of the most negative things about spending time at the Summerhouse in the archipelago – it’s ALWAYS windy, and this Midsummer was of course not an exception (unfortunately). But we survived, and we even managed to have a barbeque on Saturday night, and even sit outside without freezing to death.

My archipelago Midsummer outfit

As the weather was pretty windy and also cold during our archipelago Midsummer weekend, I had to give up on the thought of wearing cute dresses all weekend and instead go for something warmer… My solution was my new boyfriend jeans from Zara, boots from Hunter (all-time-favorites, so happy that I splurged on these a couple of years ago) and an old white, knitted sweater from H&M. Not too bad, right..?

An archipelago Midsummer
An archipelago Midsummer

Until next year, Midsummer

I think the worst part about Midsummer is that it eventually ends… And after it ends, it means that Summer should be in full swing already and end in a month and a half, jaix! It’s the same every year – before Midsummer, you’re SO excited for the Summer and absolutely can’t wait for Midsummer… But then when Midsummer has passed – you’re simply waiting for the sad day when Summer ends. Ugh, the struggle of living in the Nordics and having short Summers..! Anyone who can relate..?

Oh well, what can you do about it… This year I’m choosing to stay positive, and not think of this time as “the beginning of the end”. I’ve got tons of plans for Summer still, and I can’t wait for all of the happy Summer days yet to come! ♥

Psst, if you’re bored and need some inspirations now during Summer, I suggest that you follow me on Pinterest! I’ve been quite active there lately, and I plan on continuing being that for the rest of the Summer...


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