This past weekend, me and my boyfriend spent a romantic hotel weekend in Gothenburg. The reason for this trip was that we celebrated 5 years together, and as we have a tradition of going somewhere every anniversary, we simply had to go somewhere this anniversary as well. But still, choosing Gothenburg was very spontaneous, and so was booking Radisson Blue Riverside as our hotel for the weekend. Read on to find out all about our romantic hotel weekend in the beautiful suite of one of Gothenburg’s finest hotels… Hope you’ll like the post ♥

Romantic hotel weekend in Gothenburg
Romantic hotel weekend in Gothenburg

“Gothenburg has been on my mind”

Gothenburg has been on my mind for many, many years. I’ve heard lots of great things about it, and always wanted to go! I mean, I’ve been to Stockholm close to a hundred times (ok not really, but you get the point, LOTS of times) and I’ve also lived there. I’ve also been to pretty much every place you can go to in Nothern Sweden (Hemavan, Umeå, Övik, Luleå, Piteå, Lycksele, Kittelfjäll, Haparanda, Kalix, etc.) – but I had still not even set one foot in Gothenburg (nor the rest of Southern Sweden) even though it is the second biggest city on Sweden.

Let’s just say it was about timeOff on a romantic hotel weekend in Gothenburg we went!

Romantic hotel weekend in Gothenburg
Romantic hotel weekend in Gothenburg

I do have to thank Sandra for inspiring me to book this very trip though, as it’s actually she who made me realize that traveling to Gothenburg is quite convenient from Vasa… For some reason, I’ve always thought that it’d be complicated to travel over there, but it really wasn’t! I flew Finnair all the way, with a short layover in Helsinki – smooth as can be.

Why Gothenburg, why Radisson Blu?

But, let’s rewind a little… The thing is, that our anniversary is on June 14th, which was last Friday, but on Monday we still didn’t have any plans for the weekend and I was getting really nervous about it… We couldn’t just sit home and not celebrate our 5 years together! Of course, we could’ve celebrated it at home too, but there’s just something special about going away to celebrate, isn’t it?

So, on Tuesday morning I was just randomly checking flights in cities fairly close from Vasa (Helsinki, Stockholm, Tallinn, Riga, Copenhagen, Oslo, and Gothenburg) and realized that the flight time to Gothenburg wasn’t all that bad – and neither were the prizes. After a quick moment of messaging with my boyfriend, we then spontaneously decided to head for an anniversary romantic hotel weekend in Gothenburg! Woohoo.

One of the many lush green parks of Gothenburg
Pride week in downtown Gothenburg

How did we end up at Radisson Blu Riverside, of all the many hotels in Gothenburg..? Well, I have to thank Bianca Ingrosso for that! Bianca stayed at Radisson Blu Scandinavia during Summerburst the weekend before, and of course, I watched all her stories on Instagram from the hotel – and then remembered it when we decided to head for Gothenburg.

When I checked out Radisson Blu in Gothenburg, I noticed that they had another hotel in the city as well – Radisson Blu Riverside. I loved that Riverside had a spa and beautiful rooftop terrace, and decided to go for it and just book it as I thought it looked more “us” than the Scandinavia one did. And I was right – the hotel was very “us”, and absolutely perfect for our romantic hotel weekend in Gothenburg.

Bad luck with bad flights

The weekend got a little bit of a “bad” start though. The thing was that I booked me and my boyfriend on different flights, me on the 6 a.m. flight and him on a flight in the afternoon (as he had to go to work during the day). Meaning, I arrived in Gothenburg in the morning and had an entire day over there, while waiting for the boyfriend to arrive in the night.

We had plans to go to a restaurant and have dinner when he arrived, but then, of course, he started having issues with his flights… Flights were delayed, he had to switch airline, and well, of course, he arrived very late to Gothenburg. I greeted him in the lobby at exactly 11:59 p.m… So no dinner, no “celebrating the anniversary on the actual day”. But we did have some snacks and also took a bath together in the beautiful bathtub at 2 a.m., haha. Umm yeah, we had an amazing bathtub as we stayed in the SUITE! Keep reading…

“Did you know that you’ve gotten an upgrade?”

When I checked in at the hotel on Friday afternoon (I spent the morning/lunch in the city strolling around and working from a café) the very friendly and cheerful receptionist in the lobby asked me “did you know that you’ve gotten an upgrade?”. Well yeah, I did know about it but it still felt so great hearing him say that! What a Friday feeling, to check in at a beautiful hotel and get an upgrade!? Just perfect.

The suite we stayed in for the weekend is called a “Riverside suite”. It’s 50 square meters big (bigger than our apartment actually, haha) and has a beautiful floor-to-roof view of the river and marina. It features a living room, a huge bathroom divided into 3 areas (toilet, shower and then a large bathtub/sink area with a view) and of course, a bedroom with one of the coziest beds I think I’ve ever slept in!

Romantic hotel weekend in Gothenburg
Romantic hotel weekend in Gothenburg

The living room had some pretty cool details; a Marshall speaker, just that kind of mirror that I would like to have at home, all kinds of cool items on a bookshelf, old books, a cool table with a never-ending time glass on it (really, we tested it but didn’t even have the patience to see for how long it lasted, haha…), and so on. I also have to mention that the couch was SO comfy! I took a power nap on it when I arrived on Friday, and I didn’t ever wanna get up, it was so comfortable!

A huge television by the bed

When I first checked in, I was a little bit skeptic about the huge television by the bed… “Why would you need that..?”. But let me tell you, we really enjoyed it! It was soooo cozy lying in the bed reading the morning newspaper while watching tv in the morning. Now I want my future home to have a television by the end of the bed too!

And hes, we watched the movie “Cars”, and some war documentary, haha. What a mix of genres!

Romantic hotel weekend in Gothenburg
Cozy hotel bed mornings

My absolute favorite part of the suite was, however, the bathroom. I’m a sucker for big bathrooms with bathtubs in them, let’s just say that… And this bathroom checked on both! Perfection. I also really appreciated the wide array of bathroom essentials, and the pretty design of them – just my style!

Dreamy bathroom at Radisson Blu Scandinavia

Let’s talk about the breakfast

Breakfast is very important to me, and I’m very picky when it comes to hotel breakfasts (as you might have read before, in this post). I would give the breakfast at Radisson Blu Riverside a 3,5 of 5 stars review! It was all very yummy and they did have a lot of options… But, I still missed more vegan products, I did not like the scrambled eggs at all (they are important to me, hehe) and both I and my boyfriend felt very stressed during breakfast due to the restaurant being absolutely packed with people (it was a busy Summer weekend after all). My boyfriend really appreciated the yummy pancakes and Nutella at the breakfast buffet though!

Oh and if you think that 3,5 out of 5 stars is a “bad” review, just remember that I’m veeeeery picky when it comes to breakfast…

…and the hotel restaurant; Cuckoo’s Nest

I really loved the interior decor of the hotel restaurant; Cuckoo’s Nest, which also is where the breakfast is served daily. Unfortunately, we didn’t have the time to eat dinner in the restaurant, but if I ever go back to Gothenburg – I for sure will! I also read that they serve brunch (not in the Summer months though unfortunately)… Count me in!

Romantic hotel weekend in Gothenburg

Beautiful rooftop terrace with a pool

On Saturday both of us were super-tired (we did take a bath at 2 a.m. the night before after all, haha) and decided to not stress about going to the city. Instead, we decided to chill at the hotel, and pay a visit to the rooftop terrace!

Man, was it pretty up there… With absolutely stunning views over Gothenburg! I bet you can catch some pretty amazing sunrises and sunsets up there!

The rooftop terrace is also equipped with an outdoor pool and two jacuzzis inside, and also a bar. Guess who stopped by all of them..? We just sat there and relaxed for e few hours, first inside in one of the jacuzzis and then outside in the pool – just chilling and drinking Aperol spritz (my favorite Summer drink!). It was so relaxing that I actually almost fell asleep… No complaints!

A convenient ferry ride into the city

In the evening, after a day of relaxing and also a much-needed powernap, we dressed up and took the ferry into the city. Radisson Blu Riverside is situated on Lindholmen, which is a part of the city across the river from the center of Gothenburg – so traveling between the two requires a ferry ride or jumping on the bus.

But not to worry, one of the ferry’s is absolutely free of charge – how convenient?! And the ride takes just a few minutes, no fuzz at all. Of course, I forgot to take photos of the ferry we rode, but if you Google “Älvsnabbare” I’m sure you’ll find the schedule as well as some photos of the ferry online.

Romantic hotel weekend in Gothenburg
Romantic hotel weekend in Gothenburg
Romantic hotel weekend in Gothenburg

Now, can I recommend this hotel?

I really can’t recommend this hotel enough. It’s beautiful and the service and professionalism of the staff are just top-notch. As it’s not located in the absolute center of Gothenburg, the area is very calm and I’m sure this is one of the most relaxing hotels in the city. I’d recommend it for couples wanting to spend a romantic hotel weekend in Gothenburg like us (or why not groups of friends going away for a fun weekend, a bachelorette perhaps?) as much as I can recommend it for business travelers.

Now I can’t say anything about the regular rooms of the hotel as I haven’t seen any of them nor slept in any, but I do have to say that the suite is pretty amazing! It’s for sure worth the upgrade if you feel like luxing your stay up. But if there is a next time, I’d like to try out their junior suite, as I heard those have a stunning balcony… Until next time Radisson Blu Riverside, thank you for having us!

If you want to book a stay at this beautiful hotel, I recommend that you do so directly on their website. Oh and ps, I’ll write a separate Gothenburg-guide with tips on restaurants and things to do in a separate post, stay tuned!

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