That I like to eat healthily, must come as no surprise? One of my absolute favorite “healthy meals” is banana pancakes. I eat them in periods, one period I can go without them for half a year – but then, all of a sudden I’m obsessed with them again and eat them every other day for months… Current status: eating banana pancakes at least once a week, and today I decided to make some mini banana pancakes and show them to you. Read on…

Mini banana pancakes

The secret behind the perfect banana pancakes

It all comes down to experience and knowledge when making the perfect banana pancakes. Trust me, I’ve made a TON of failed batches of banana pancakes… The bananas haven’t been ripe enough, I’ve had too many eggs, the frying pan has been too hot, and so on. It’s tricky making the perfect banana pancakes! But, practice makes perfect, and so does knowledge.

My secrets behind my seemingly perfect banana pancakes is to use semi-ripe bananas (always organic ones). I’ve tried making banana pancakes with really ripe bananas a few times (we’re talking black bananas…), but I’ve always failed. The bananas need to have a musty yellow color with some black spots on them – that’s when they’re perfect for making banana pancakes!

Mini pancakes

Toppings for my mini banana pancakes

When it comes to toppings I like to vary them. I’m currently really into cherries, so my current topping-combo looks a bit like this: cherries, walnuts, coconut flakes and a hint of thick Turkish yogurt. YUM! 

Another idea is to make a homemade and healthy jam to top the mini banana pancakes with, find an old recipe of mine on a cherry-chia jam here. I promise you – it’s d-e-l-i-c-i-o-u-s!

Do you like banana pancakes too, or do you perhaps prefer “regular” pancakes?

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