That I love to travel is no secret, but did you know that I also like to travel as cheap as possible? I’m a bit greedy when it comes to spending money, and traveling is no exception, no matter how much I love to travel… So, how do I manage to travel cheap? I save in on cheap flight tickets. And how I do that – is what this blog post is all about… Read on!

*This post is written in collaboration with VPN-Suomi.

It’s all about knowing where, when and how to search

First of all, I’m always looking for cheap flights, anywhere and anytime. I’ve been doing this for as long as I can remember… I’m a bit addicted to traveling, and therefore looking for cheap flight tickets has always been somewhat of an interest of mine.

After being obsessed with scanning the web for cheap flights pretty much your entire life, you become somewhat of a pro at it. You know where to look, you learn to know what’s cheap for a flight ticket, at what days of the week you should look, and so on. Knowing how to find cheap flights is somewhat of a special ninja skill! But quite a bunch of crazy travelers has figured it out, and me – well, I happen to be one of them.

My 4 best tips on how to find cheap flights

  1. Know which day of the week is the best to score cheap flights – use that day to your advantage. Guess what? That day is, according to the internet after a quick Google search; Tuesday. BUT, according to my own experience – Sunday might be the best day to book. Shortly said: search for cheap flights on a Tuesday or a Sunday, and you will succeed on your mission (hopefully).
  2. Know where to look! There are a TON of travel sites out there… And of course it’s really hard to say which one is the absolute best, but I have to let you know that my own personal preference is Momondo. I sometimes try to find cheap flights via other travel sites, but still, always end up at Momondo… So, Momondo for the win if you ask me!
  3. Clear your browser history, and most importantly your cookies! I’ve heard many travel experts say that airlines and booking engines are using cookies to show potentially higher prices for flights that you have searched for often. So, keep them cookies cleared…
  4. Use a VPN service to change your location. I’ve been familiar with VPN and how it’s possible to by the help of a VPN service “place yourself” in another country and take advantage of that too, f.ex. find cheaper flights, watch something online that’s only available in another country and so on. But, I hadn’t tried it until recently! As this post is a collaboration with VPN-Suomi, I got the opportunity to test the best-ranked VPN service in order to tell you about it, and man is it great! The service I tried and the one with the best reviews is CyberGhost VPN. It feels so cool switching between countries, pretending to be located on the other side of the world. I haven’t bought any cheap flights using the VPN service yet, but it’s on my to-do list… As my biggest wish is to celebrate my 30th birthday in California, I should start searching for cheap flights pretty soon if I wanna snatch some.

Using a VPN service like VPN-Suomi

I’ve always imagined that using a VPN service would be complicated, and hard. But using the VPN-Suomi service is not hard nor complicated at all, in fact, it’s very easy to use! As soon as you’ve signed up and committed to paying the 2,45€ monthly fee (that’s the one I chose, using CyberGhost VPN, that as I mentioned earlier is said to be the best and cheapest VPN), all you gotta do is to install the VPN service program. After that – you can start using it and switch through countries!

Oh and if you’re wondering whether you can use VPN-Suomi even though you’re not from Finland – you totally can! After clicking the link “tarjous” on the offer you want to redeem, you will be re-directed to a new page that’s in English. So, no worries, you don’t have to be a Finn to be able to use VPN services through VPN Suomi!

But why and how to use VPN to actually score those cheap flights?

Well, I’m no expert at this (yet), and as I mentioned I just recently discovered VPN-Suomi and decided to try out their VPN service. But, I can recommend you to read some more over at the VPN-Suomi website (unfortunately only in Finnish however), when clicking “säästä” and after that “halvat lennot“.

Good luck with finding your next cheap flights! ♥

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