Last week, my boyfriend of soon 5 years turned 33. Yes, he’s getting old, WE’RE getting old. Anyway… To celebrate him we decided to go out for brunch, something that we rarely do. As I believe that the brunch at Bacchus/Svenska Klubben is the best one in town – that’s where we headed!

Ps, Bacchus/Svenska Klubben is where I hosted my first workshop in social media a few months ago, that was a success! Planning a new one soon…

Brunch at Bacchus/Svenska Klubben

Breakfast + lunch = brunch

I’m a breakfast lover. I could not survive a day without breakfast, and I truly believe that it’s the most important meal of the day! As a breakfast lover, I obviously also love the concept of brunch = breakfast + lunch combined on weekend mornings. As I mentioned earlier, I rarely eat brunch, but then when I do – I really enjoy it!

Brunch at Bacchus/Svenska Klubben
Brunch at Bacchus/Svenska Klubben

Reasonably priced at 25€

Brunches usually vary a bit in price, not much, but a bit. The brunch at Bacchus/Svenska Klubben is fairly priced at 25€, which I think is OK. I mean it deserves the price, but then again I wouldn’t be willing to pay more it.

Brunch at Bacchus/Svenska Klubben

Brunch for lunch at the later serving

Usually, when we go out for a weekend brunch, we take the earlier serving and eat our brunch as breakfast. But this time I was a bit late on booking and didn’t manage to score a table at the earlier serving… Instead, our brunch-reservation was scheduled at 1 pm. So, instead of eating the brunch as breakfast as we usually do – this time we had brunch for lunch.

All kinds of delicious options at the brunch

As I was REALLY hungry, even though I had breakfast only a few hours before going for brunch – I ate a lot. I wanted to try as much as possible, and had a sandwich, vegan yogurt with fruit, different cheeses with jam, skagenröra, scrambled eggs, polenta, fried mushrooms, a bit of salad, a smoothie, and of course a lot of desserts! The dessert options I tried were some lime-mousse, a blueberry pannacotta, and a raw cake.

Brunch at Bacchus/Svenska Klubben

My favorites at the brunch

So, which were my favorite foods at the Bacchus/Svenska Klubben brunch? I am actually gonna be boring and say that I liked the cheese with cloudberry jam the most! I rarely eat cheese, so cheese is a real luxury for me – and I was so happy that they served both parmesan and Västerbotten -cheese. Both were SO yummy paired with the sweet cloudberry jam. I also really liked the lime-mousse at the dessert-table! It wasn’t too sweet, nor “too fresh” – just perfect. I also really liked the welcome shot that we got, which was some kind of sea buckthorn -mix; sour but SO good!

On to the next brunch…

Next time we go for brunch, I’d love to try the new brunch at Cirkas in Sundom – I’ve heard that they have some amazing foods, and also a lot of gluten-free and vegetarian options! Need to try it soon…

What’s your opinion on brunch? Overrated and unnecessary, or something that you absolutely love?

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