Long before I even booked my trip to Bali this Spring, I found this stylish little boutique hotel on Instagram called Lloyd’s Inn. I completely fell in love with all of their photos on Instagram, and decided that if I was going to Bali this year – that’s the place I would be staying at! Said and done, a few weeks later I booked my flights to Bali, and quickly booked 4 nights at Lloyd’s Inn. So, here I am one and a half month after checking in, writing a blog post about my stay called “Bali hotel review: Lloyd’s Inn”… Read on!

*Please note that this is an honest review, no sweet talk at all, just my honest review of the hotel.


“Tucked away in a corner in Double Six Seminyak, Lloyd’s Inn Bali is a hidden oasis of architecture and nature. Go off-grid and unwind without the city’s hustle bustle. Convenience is at your doorstep, with the beach just 300m away, and a myriad of shops, eateries, and transport along the street when you step out. An abode in the city, a space to escape the reconnect at the same time.”

“Tucked away in a corner in Double Six Seminyak”

My first thought when arriving at Lloyd’s Inn, which by the way was our first stop after landing at Denpasar Airport in Bali, was; “wow, this place really is tucked away in a corner – just like it said on the website”. The hotel is located fairly close to the beach in Double Six, Seminyak, right by a somewhat “big road” (not the “main road” however). It’s really tucked in, right at the end of a very narrow road leading away from the “big road”. I’d say being tucked away in the corner is to the hotel’s advantage, as this makes the hotel very peaceful and quiet. So, I didn’t mind the hotel location, not at all.

What I did mind a bit, however, was the fact that it was a bit far from the “center” of Seminyak. The hotel is located right out on the borders of Double Six, closer to Kuta than Seminyak really. And as it’s placed in a rather tricky corner, not by the “main road”, taxi drivers tend to charge extra for driving you anywhere to and from Lloyd’s Inn… Or at least that’s what the staff member at the reception at Lloyd’s Inn told us – we got some other info from an independent taxi driver who told us that the staff member at the Lloyd’s Inn reception was fooling us out of our money. But I guess we’ll never know…

Anyway, if the fact that it’s a bit far from the “center” of Seminyak is a disadvantage, the close location to the beach is an advantage! It really was just a few hundred meters walk away – the perfect distance to walk to the beach to watch the sunset!

Stunning architecture and lovely white and grey interiors

As I mentioned earlier, I fell in love with Lloyd’s Inn through the photos in their Instagram. Instagram-photos may lie from time to time, but not when it comes to Lloyd’s Inn – the hotel really is as beautiful as it is in the photos, I can assure you! I just love, love, love the minimalistic feel to the entire hotel and it almost felt a bit Scandinavian.

The first two nights we stayed in a small “standard” bedroom. It really was super-small, so small that we, in fact, had to jump over our bags to get out of the bed. And as it was so small, it wouldn’t have looked good on photos with all of our bags and stuff spread out all over the room – I shot no photos of the room, at all.

I did, however, snap a few photos from our second room, where we spent the remaining two nights at Lloyd’s Inn. That room was called a “the sky room”, and had an absolutely beautiful balcony with a gigantic bathtub on it! Both Silje and I completely fell in love with the room and did not wanna leave it when it was time to check out… We even had a fairly nice view, with a stunning view of the mountains when the sky was clear! We also saw a monkey jumping around in one of the trees one morning, so cute.


Rooftop pool area and a jacuzzi

My absolute favorite place in the entire hotel, was the rooftop pool area and a jacuzzi! The pool was so stunning, and the whole rooftop so picturesque that I had a hard time doing anything else than snapping photos while we were there… The downside was however that the pool area was fairly small, with just a few sunchairs, and the whole rooftop got crowded pretty quick. But, we took advantage of lunch time and when all the people left to eat lunch – we simply skipped our lunch and instead enjoyed being alone at the pool area! I can’t remember the last time I’ve had such a relaxing day, as the day when Silje and I just floated around on the big “floating pillows” in the pool, talking about life… That was like having the ultimate vacation!

Delicious and healthy breakfast with a lot of options

The daily breakfast at Lloyd’s Inn is served at The Garden Cafe/Garden Bar every morning. The area is absolutely stunning, and you really feel like you’re eating breakfast out in a dreamy forest, thanks to all of the lush greenery in the garden.

As I am gluten-intolerant and try my best to be a vegan, I often have problems with finding enough to eat at the breakfast at smaller boutique hotels like Lloyd’s Inn. But, I had no trouble whatsoever finding food from the delicious and healthy breakfast menu’s at Lloyd’s Inn, at all. They even had a separate vegan/gluten-free menu – lucky me! So, my everyday breakfasts consisted of a smoothie bowl, scrambled eggs and a whole lotta fresh fruit – just the kind of breakfast I like. No complaints at all.

Of course, they also had a lot of non-gluten free options at the breakfast; like pancakes, avocado toast, whole lotta pastries, different pieces of bread, cakes, etc. But as I don’t get to eat that stuff, I always forget to snap photos – so no photos of the breakfast buffet, sorry! I suggest you check their Instagram, as guests at Lloyd’s Inn tend to be willing to tag them in their photos.


Is Lloyd’s Inn a good hotel to stay at while in Bali – why or why not

The why’s

  • If you’re into beautiful architecture and design and especially love the modern, minimalistic vibe – you’ll love staying at Lloyd’s Inn.
  • The breakfast and the overall vibe at the breakfast is amazing. The restaurant staff is also the best.
  • The rooftop pool area is amazing.
  • It’s tucked away location is great if you want some peace and quiet.
  • There’s a spa with cheap massage located right outside the hotel. The hotel is also about to open their own spa! So, a lot of spa options available if you’re into that stuff.
  • It’s located just a few hundred meters from the beach, and also a lot of shopping (the haggling kind of tourist shops).
  • The hotel is really cheap. We paid about 40€-60€ per night, for two people!

The why not’s

  • It’s really far from the center of Seminyak, which is where some of the best restaurants are (like Kynd Community, Cafe Organic, etc.).
  • The rooftop pool area can get really crowded.
  • Even though our second room, “the sky room”, was bigger than the first room we stayed in – it was still fairly small in comparison to rooms at other hotels. So, if you’re into spacious rooms – Lloyd’s Inn Bali might not be for you.
  • Other hotels we stayed at in Bali, provided us with umbrellas to use (as rain can come unexpectedly in Bali, especially during rain season), but Lloyd’s Inn didn’t – at this hotel, you have to bring your own umbrella.

Conclusion: a hotel I really do recommend

As a conclusion to this post, I have to say that I really do recommend this hotel – despite its flaws. It really is worth, and you’ll definitely regret not trying out this hotel if you’re ever in the Seminyak area and in need of a cool and relaxing boutique hotel to stay at. But do mind the flaws I mentioned above, they could be sources of irritation – but when you know about them in advance they’ll surely not feel as grand problems while you’re there.

Hope you enjoyed this post as much as I enjoyed writing it. Can’t wait to go back to Lloyd’s Inn someday, soon hopefully… Really miss the chocolate smoothie bowl at breakfast, YUM. And the pool of course ♥

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