I’ve been on a lot of flights, a lot of them long-haul flights. And since I’ve been on so many long-haul flights (around 20 of them to be specific), I feel like I might know a trick or two on how to survive them. So, in this post, I’ll share my best tips on how to survive long-haul flights, read on…

How to survive long-haul flights

Do your research – reserve a good seat, order a meal, etc.

Before you even set foot on the plane that’s gonna take you to your far-away destination, actually weeks in advance, I recommend you to do your research! Research the airline you’re flying with, the plane type and your flight in particular. Find out what seat on the plane that would suit you best, and try to book that before someone else snatches it! Personally, I prefer a window seat, as I am a bit scared of turbulence and feel calmer by a window, + I sleep better when I can rest my head towards the window.

I also recommend you to order yourself a meal according to your diet! I always order a gluten-free meal, as I’m gluten-intolerant. It’s also a good idea to Google the airline’s meals, what are people saying about their food in the www..? Is it good, or is it bad? If the www says it’s bad – buckle up with snacks to bring with you on the flight. I always bring snacks, even though I always also order a gluten-free meal – because, you never know!

Wear your most comfortable clothes

Seriously, just do it! Personally, I always travel in leggings and or a hoodie/long sweater/t-shirt or similar, I’ve actually written a post on this subject earlier – check it out here. A long-haul flight is worth your most comfortable clothes, I promise you. I did travel in uncomfortable jeans to New York once (about a 6-hour flight), and it was awful, not doing that again…

Stay hydrated – H20 it is!

A lot of people drink a lot during long-haul flights, but they drink the wrong beverages… They drink several cups of coffee, and several glasses of wine – but forget the good old H20! Drinking water onboard long-haul flights is so important. The air inside the cabin is so dry, and that combined with the cabin pressure will surely dry you out in no time. So, do drink your coffees and glasses of wine if you feel like you need them (hey, I also always have a glass of wine onboard long-haul flights, to help me relax – but just one!), but do remember to drink as many glasses of water as any other fluid! Staying hydrated prevents you from feeling “dull”, getting a headache, and also helps you with the possible jetlag. So, drink up! Fill your body with the water it needs.

Sleep as much as you possibly can

I used to be really bad at sleeping on planes, I could simply not do it – I was too nervous! But, as I’ve been on more and more flights, I’ve slowly learned how to relax on planes and thus mastered the skill on sleeping on-board. Nowadays I even sleep during 45 minute flights!

Long-haul flights are usually very boring. I mean, you’re inside a vehicle that you can’t get out of for hours, you can’t move around a lot, and there’s not much to see outside of the window (mostly just clouds, or a pitch-black sky during night flights). So… Why not spend the long-haul flight sleeping? That way you’ll also step off the plane feeling a whole lotta more fresh and energized, than if you didn’t sleep at all during the flights.

My trick on how to sleep during long-haul flights is to check with the flight attendants on which times they’ll serve the food. That way you’ll know which times you’re “safe” to sleep without risking the chance of not getting a meal, and as you’ve asked them – they’ll know to wake you up if you’re sleeping when they serve meals!

Books, movies, podcasts, games…

If you really can’t nor want to sleep during your long-haul flight, you can always do your best to stay entertained instead! This can obviously be done by reading books, watching movies, listening to podcasts, playing games, etc. I always bring a book or two (and sometimes a magazine) with me on long-haul flights, but I also tend to watch movies on the entertainment system from time to time (f.ex. when we flew home from the Maldives in January I watched the movie ‘Crazy Rich Asians’ – so funny!), or play games. My favorite games to play are Tetris and “Do you want to become a millionaire?”, and “Angry Birds – World tour” if I’m flying Finnair.

There you go, some of my best tips on how to survive long-haul flights! I really hope that you liked them.
Safe travels and good luck on your next long-haul flight ♥

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