Spontaneous weekend getaways are the best, aren’t they? At least I’m a big fan of them. And this past weekend, we decided to do just that – go away for a spontaneous weekend getaway! We decided to head to Sweden, to discover a city I had never been to before, and at the same time try out a new design hotel I’ve been wanting to stay at for a few years. Off to a spa weekend in Swedish Lapland, we went! Read on…

*post in collaboration with KUST Hotel & Spa.

Från fjäll till KUST
Streets of Piteå

Roadtrip turned ferry ride

The original plan was to drive to Piteå, which was the city we decided to pay a visit during the Easter weekend, but as the ferry between Finland-Sweden had a great Easter offer – we decided to take advantage of the offer and travel to Sweden by ferry instead.

…and I’m actually really happy that we did because this gave us more time at the hotel we checked into at in Piteå than driving there would have given us. By taking the ferry we arrived at 4 pm, and if we would’ve taken the road trip via Haparanda – we’d most definitely not have been there until 8-9 in the evening. So, taking the ferry was a great success when it comes to time-saving!

Spa weekend in Swedish Lapland
Dreamy hotel morning at KUST in Piteå

KUST Hotel & Spa – Swedish Laplands new design hotel

“KUST Hotell & Spa is so much more than northern Sweden’s new design hotel. It’s a journey along the mighty Piteälven River, from the mountains in the north to the sea and archipelago in the south. A story in 14 chapters – or 14 stories, if you will! Discover the highest sky bar and spa terrace on the Norrland coast, 97 rooms, four unique suites that celebrate the seasons, a full-service conference floor, a renowned restaurant and a lounge with an international atmosphere. Discover your KUST!”

I remember reading about this new, stylish spa/design hotel opening up in Piteå a few years back, and thinking that “we should go there as soon as it’s open”. Well, it took us a few years but we finally got to stay at this gorgeous hotel!

When driving towards Piteå from Umeå, it was really easy finding the hotel, as it’s located in the tallest building of the city – there’s no way you could miss it! It’s also located right in the center of Piteå, with both the shopping street and the lake within just a few minutes walks. The location really couldn’t be better, the hotel has the prime location of Piteå!

Dreamy room on the 11th floor

Dreamy room on the 11th floor

We were lucky to get a room on the 11th floor, with beautiful views of the lake! Unfortunately, the weather wasn’t that great in the mornings, so we didn’t get to see any beautiful sunrises from the room – but I bet they’re beautiful when they happen!

My favorite part of the room was, however, the bed – that was a king-size bed and absolutely HUGE. It also had the crispest, nicest bedsheets I’ve slept in for a very long time, and my boyfriend especially liked the really big pillows. Let me assure you, we slept like a king and queen in this bed – I can’t remember the last time I slept this good!

I also really loved the stylish details of the room. The bedside lamps, the purple velvet cushions, the cozy chair by the window, the cozy blanket, etc. I even found some real rocks in the bathroom that I thought was a really nice touch – a little piece of Lapland nature inside the luxurious hotel, what a cool detail!

Stylish hotel room details at KUST during our spa weekend
Spa weekend in Swedish Lapland
Spa weekend in Swedish Lapland
Crisp white hotel bed sheets
Spa weekend in Swedish Lapland
Spa weekend in Swedish Lapland

A breakfast buffet with everything and anything you might need and want

When it comes to breakfast buffets, I’m really picky! I’ve eaten some really good breakfasts at some really nice hotels throughout the years, and I’m hard to please. But let me tell you… The breakfast buffet at KUST Hotel & Spa will not disappoint you!

The buffet includes everything you might want for breakfast. There was scrambled eggs, boiled eggs, sausage, bacon, waffles, yoghurt, nuts, two kinds of salmon, skagenröra, seeds, bread, crackers, all kinds of cheese, a lot of fruits, all kinds of berries, smoothies, chia pudding, tea, coffee, two different juices, healthy shots, etc. They even served candy at the breakfast buffet! Only in Sweden, it was Easter after all, lol.

A breakfast buffet with everything and anything you might need and want
A breakfast buffet with everything and anything you might need and want
Breakfast room

Luxurious spa with a rooftop sauna and pool

The highlight of our two-night stay at KUST, was definitely the spa ritual that we tried out on Saturday!

“KUST’s spa ritual is a bath ceremony designed to give you the most and the best out of your visit. It’s a time to focus on yourself, your senses and your well-being. Think one thought at a time and move at a calm, relaxed pace.”

When arriving at the spa, we were first seated and given a little spa-kit each. The kit included 4 different products, all to be used during the spa ritual. We then got a little walk-through about how to go about the ritual, which products to use when etc. and after that, we simply did the spa ritual step-by-step. The recommended time for the spa ritual is 2 hours, but we spent an extra hour in the rooftop pool watching the sunset – so our spa ritual lasted for 3 hours. It was so relaxing, and ending the ritual in the rooftop pool looking at the sun setting behind the lake was just magical…

I would, however, recommend you to not do the spa ritual during “busy days” nor “peak hours”, as it could be stressful. We happened to be there during a seemingly busy day and time, and it was a bit stressful at first with a lot of people wanting to do the spa ritual -steps simultaneously. I suggest that you check with the staff in advance, for a recommendation on what days/times it’s best to visit the spa and do the spa ritual for a relaxing time with the minimum amount of people.

Spa kit at the spa at KUST Hotel & Spa during out spa weekend

The spa was super-beautiful, and I wish I had snapped more photos from the inside! But as the place was packed with people, I didn’t wanna bother anyone with snapping photos – so I only took photos outside at the pool area. But do check their Instagram for more photos from the gorgeous inside of the spa.

Rooftop pool at the spa during our spa weekend at KUST Hotel & Spa
Sunset from the rooftop pool at KUST Hotel & Spa during our spa weekend
Rooftop pool at the spa

3-course dinner at Restaurang Tage

“Restaurang Tage puts Piteå right at the top of the map of Sweden’s best restaurants. Proudly perched on the 13th floor, it’s a modern classic overlooking half of the Norrbotten region.”

On Saturday night, after our 3-hour spa ritual, we had a dinner reservation at Restaurang Tage – the hotel’s own restaurant on the 13th floor overlooking half of the Norrbotten region. We had anticipated the dinner and went there starving, in order to be able to eat as much as possible…

Cool interior at Restaurang Tage
Open kitchen at Restaurang Tage

The restaurant is absolutely stunning, and there was a “big city” -vibe over it somehow – for some reason, it felt like being New York, and it felt very luxurious! I especially liked the open kitchen, it’s always interesting to sit and watch the chefs do their magic while you wait for your next course.

Cool menu at Restaurang Tage in Piteå

Deciding on what to eat was pretty simple, both I and my boyfriend quickly decided on the 3-course menu “Tage’s three delicious dishes”. The menu included a seafood soup for starter, a steak for main and a gluten-free chocolate cake for dessert. I, as a vegetarian, did of course not eat the steak for main – instead, I changed it to the only vegetarian main course option on the menu; pointed cabbage.

All of the three courses were so delicious that we could barely talk to each other during dinner, the only words coming out of our mouths were “mmmmm”, “omg this is so good”, and “help, I’m so full”. It was a great success! I especially loved the dessert, and even though I was SO full when I started eating it – I could’ve eaten another portion straight after… It tasted like heaven! If you ever go to Restaurang Tage – you HAVE to taste the chocolate cake, I promise you it’s better than you could even imagine.

Starter at Restaurang Tage
Main course at Restaurang Tage
Dessert at Restaurang Tage - chocolate cake with ice cream

The perfect luxurious weekend getaway for spa-lovers in Finland, Sweden, or Norway

I can definitely recommend KUST Hotel & Spa for any spa-loving people looking for a weekend getaway on convenient distance from your home in either Finland, Sweden or Norway. Of course, anyone from any part of the world would surely love this hotel – but if you’re living in any of the Nordic countries you’re on the perfect distance to do a quick weekend getaway. I’d especially recommend it for people living in Ostrobothnia, Finland – taking the ferry over to Sweden and driving a few hours up the Swedish coast is not too bad, is it?

I really hope that I get to go back to KUST Hotel & Spa soon, hopefully in the Summer. This weekend surely was so relaxing, and staying at KUST really felt like the most luxurious weekend getaway we could’ve possibly had for Easter. Thank you so much KUST for the opportunity to do this collaboration with you, and I hope I’ll see you again soon ♥

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Ps, if anyone of you have any kind of questions about our stay at KUST Hotel & Spa, or Piteå in general –
please don’t hesitate to ask. I’m happy to answer any questions you might have!


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