As you all may know by now (at least if you’ve read my Bali posts and follow me on Instagram), Silje and I just traveled together to Bali for 2 weeks. We got to know each other pretty well, and she came up with the idea that we should do a Q/A about each other on our blogs, like a “friend tag”. So, here it goes, here’s the questions and answers about me answered by Silje (the most amazing Silje in the world, FOR SURE).

Ps, the image below is the only selfie we took during our Bali-trip. Of course I get blurry in it… Haha, oh well!

So Silje, you and Hanna met in Tallinn for the first time, right? What was your first impression of her?

That’s right, we met during a Finnish-Swedish influencer trip to Tallinn. We actually didn’t talk that much, but I felt some kind of connection to her cause of our mutual interest in traveling. I remember being very curious about her, cause she wasn’t the one you heard the most — but when she spoke everyone listened carefully. Like me, she is very observing at first and that kind of caught my attention. What also caught my attention is that she had done several solo trips, even though she isn’t single. I think that’s so cool! So, my first impression of Hanna… Slightly shy and careful, but a brave woman with a mind of her own that speaks when she has something of importance to say.

….and did your first impression of Hanna change during your 2-week trip to Bali?

Yeah, or I wouldn’t consider her shy anymore. Not at all! And like we discussed, she is more introvert than me but being introverted doesn’t mean that you are automatically also shy. Hanna is one of the strongest individuals I have ever met and also very smart. She is the definition of being the key to your own success. We got to know each other pretty well during these two weeks, and we are actually pretty alike even though we’re very different too. Not sure if that made sense, but yeah – we work very well together.

Would you say that Hanna is a great travel partner? Why or why not?

Oh for sure! I didn’t have to be on Google Maps one single time, haha! We are both do-ers, which means that both of us are very good at taking initiative. So we automatically took turns in sorting things out or we solved things together. She’s like my ultimate travel partner, we both like the same kinda food, photography and like to find picture-perfect places to explore. She’s also patient and kind enough to help me nail a good pic for Instagram (yeah I’m not that photogenic so it takes time).

Did you learn something from Hanna?

Yeah, I learned a lot about the different zodiac signs and personality types. We talked a lot about those kinds of things, and it actually helped me understand people around me way better. I also learned a lot about social media and how stuff works on a deeper level.

Where would you like to travel with Hanna next, and why do you think that would be a success?

Even before getting back to Finland we talked about where we’d wanna go next. And I’m pretty sure that both of us would agree on LA. I’ve never been there before, but Hanna has been there several times. She really loves it, and I’m sure that I would too. Going there for the first time with an expert would be just amazing! I think we’d had a lot of fun and I kind of imagine the trip also being very relaxed as Hanna knows how to get around. We’d probably have some amazing conversations, take lots of cool pics, enjoy good food and just live life to the fullest. I really hope we can go soon!

Your Instagram feeds look pretty different (even though you’ve been on the same trip, shooting at the same locations, etc.), do you think Hanna’s personality is reflected in her feed?

They are for sure like night and day, huh. You clearly see that she is into traveling and palm trees, and trust me – she loves those palm trees and they have a deeper meaning than just being pretty. Her color scheme is pretty different from mine, she like a very clean and simple feed with the same kind of colors. You’ll see a lot of black, white, blue and green — same colors as her clothes actually. Her feed is also pretty “straight forward”, you know what you get and what to expect and Hanna is pretty forward herself when you get to know her. You can also see her kindness and warmth in her pictures when she smiles.

What place in the world, would you say that is the ultimate travel destination for Hanna. Where could you see her stay forever, and why?

I know she’d like to go to Australia, and I’m sure she’d love it. But if I have to think of something not as obvious as the US or Australia… hmm… Anywhere warm with good and healthy food. I can totally see her in Costa Rica or maybe some cool and modern Asian country.

Head over to Silje’s blog to read my answers about her

Now was this fun or what? I thought it was so much fun reading Silje’s answers about me! And I especially think it’s so great that she pointed out that I’m not shy like most people think when they meet me, haha. I struggle a lot with this, people assuming that I’m really shy. Guys I’M NOT. I’m just extremely reserved and like to have “my own time” to figure someone or a situation out before opening my mouth, that’s all. If I don’t have anything to say, I’m quiet, that’s it. So thank you Silje for realizing that, haha.

So, can anyone help us make the LA trip happen..? ♥

Ps, find Silje’s blog HERE and Instagram HERE.


  1. 04/16/2019 / 20:27

    Vad roligt att läsa era svår (båda två!) 🙂
    Och NÄR ni åker till LA måste ni meddela mig så att jag kan komma och hälsa på några dagar!!

    • Hanna
      04/17/2019 / 12:38

      🙂 JA absolut! Hjälp så kul det skulle vara <3 ...eller, KOMMER BLI 😉

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