Why are phone cases such a good idea? Well, let me tell you a little story from Bali. No actually – first I’ll share the text that I shared on Instagram regarding my broken phone a few days ago, here it comes:

“Let’s talk some serious business guys… Phone cases are important!!! Period. You see, I haven’t owned a phone case in Y E A R S… And what’s the first thing that happens when we arrive in Bali..? Well, I drop my phone and the screen goes into a million pieces. Luckily, my phone survived, it still works – even though it feels like one function after another is giving up. Anyway… I was lucky to have my new phone case from Ideal of Sweden with me, as it had to come to the rescue! The case is now the thing that’s holding my poor phone together so that I can still use it. If I’d worn the case when dropping my phone, I’m sure it would’ve protected it… So let that be a lesson to YOU – wear a caser for your phone.”

Why phone cases are a good idea

A phone case could’ve saved it

Yeah, so, long story short: I didn’t wear a phone case when I dropped it – but I am sure that if I’d worn a case the screen wouldn’t be as smashed as it is now. Oh well, you live and you learn. I’m happy that I’m wearing a phone case now anyway.

Thanks to Ideal of Sweden

The phone case my phone is now sporting is from Ideal of Sweden, the brand that probably is the hottest phone case brand at the moment. I’m sure no one has managed to not see their phone cases and accessories all over Instagram lately (?). And no wonder… Every new product they release is hotter than the previous one, they’re doing a great job with the designs!

My new IoS phone case is named “python”, and I’m so happy with it – it suits my style perfectly! If you’re looking to get a new phone case for your phone (or some other phone accessory), I can truly recommend you to get something from Ideal of Sweden! With my discount code “HANANAA” you’ll even get 20% off your order.

Happy shopping, and remember to always wear a phone case on your phone ♥

*The phone case was gifted.

Why phone cases are a good idea


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