Style and fashion has always been important to me, and always been a huge part of this blog. Lately I’ve however been focusing more on travel and my daily life as a new entrepreneur. But you know what, let’s change that for a second! The thing I get most positive comments for has always been my minimalistic and stylish sense of style – so let’s keep those kind of posts where I showcase that coming! Here you go, a good ol‘ style inspo: spring 2019 -post! Hope you like it ♥

Ps, this post contains ad-links, and all images found via my Pinterest-account.

The animal printed skirt

The animal printed skirt is still very much in fashion, and I am so happy about it! I bought my very first animal printed skirt in London at the end of last year, and wore the skirt in both the Maldives and Bali. Now I can’t wait to wear it home in Finland as soon as the weather gets warmer.

Seashell necklaces

I’m usually one of those who runs in the opposite direction of the trends that everyone seems to be wearing, but with the seashell necklaces I just can’t – I love them to much. I bought my own seashell necklace while in the Maldives, and then bought a matching bracelet in Bali a few weeks ago. As an ocean lover there’s nothing better than wearing something that reminds you of the ocean ♥

Bike shorts

I am SO happy that this trend is back! As a sporty girl I absolutely loved this trend back in 2011 (or was it 2010?), and I am so stoked now that it’s back. Can’t wait to start wearing bike shorts with oversized t-shirts again! Or why not pair it with a blazer?

What’s your favorite Spring 2019 trend?

So, there was 3 of my favorite Spring 2019 trends. Now I want to know your favorite trends for this Spring, any of the three above, or is there another trend that I’m not mentioning that you are loving for the season? Let me know in the comment section below, I’m super-curious!

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