It’s been a while since I posted a “just random post” about where I’m currently at, what’s on my mind and so on… So, why not start this Monday off with just that kind of post..? Here you go, a little life update from me ♥

Current mood?

I’ve been having a little bit of anxiety lately to be honest, and it’s not fun. Anxiety about my life and what I want to do, the usual… Other than that I’m pretty happy! The Bali-trip was a mood booster.

Am I staying active?

Yup, I’d say so! Last week I went on two runs, played badminton twice and went on several walks & bike rides. This week I’m gonna be more active though, and start attending classes at the gym again, and maybe squeeze in a home workout or two. Fingers crossed!

Current food behaviour?

I’m eating very strangely ever since Bali. I guess I miss being served all kinds of healthy, vegan foods… And with strangely I mean on very weird times, and not very big meals. Oh well, I’ll get back to some real routine soon I hope. But, still eating my porridge for breakfast every morning and sticking to my 90% vegan diet. In the last days, there’ve also been a few smoothie bowls, as I finally got my myself a good blender – wohoo!

Life update - what's up?

On my mind constantly?

California. Damn I miss that place. I NEED to go back to California soon. Oh if only one could move there… I’d move tomorrow if I could!

Currently watching?

Well, we were watching The OA on Netflix (which is awesome – you need to watch it!), but as we’ve seen all episodes now – we need to find something new to watch! Suggestions..?

I’m also watching a lot of Youtube! Lost le Blanc and Sorelle Amore are two of my absolute favorites. I also like Tan by Klara’s new channel (it’s very real, no bullshit – and I like that).

Listening to a lot?

California songs (haha) and Lana del Rey. Also, old The OC soundtracks. Can you spot the theme here..? *busted*

Goals for April 2019?

Workout more, eat more smoothie bowls and smoothies now that I finally have a proper blender, get more jobs and preferably more writing/content gigs (help a sister out – got any jobs for me?), be a better blogger etc. And in late April my goal is to survive a week of babysitting my brothers dog Buddy (a wild pitbull), haha.

Life update - what's up?

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