While in Bali, we stayed at some really beautiful places. Two different hotels in Seminyak, one in Ubud, one villa in Canggu and then a hotel in Canggu. All of our living arrangements were so incredible that they require a separate blog post each, but I thought I’d start with one of my absolute favorites of the five: Cicada, where we had our own luxury townhouse in Bali for two nights. Read on! ♥

*blog post and stay in collaboration with Cicada Seminyak

Luxurious hideaway in the midst of busy Seminyak

The first thing we noticed about Cicada Seminyak, after checking in, was how quiet and calm it was. Even though the location of the property is in the midst of the very busy Seminyak area, it was like stepping into an other world – a very luxurious and relaxing one. It was a-m-a-z-i-n-g.

Speaking of the moment we checked in… We were handed some ultra-yummie papaya drinks right at check in – highly appreciated!

Our own luxury townhouse in Bali

Cute little pool and patio area

What greeted us when we were shown to our own luxury townhouse, was a really cute little pool and patio area! It really was so cute, and the perfect spot to have our breakfast at. One of the two days we spent there, we actually ordered a floating breakfast – which was so dreamy!

Eating breakfast in your own private little pool is so much better than eating it by a regular breakfast table, right? Bali goal; check.

Our own luxury townhouse in Bali
Our own luxury townhouse in Bali

The 1 br townhouse was HUGE

Stepping into our 1 br townhouse we noticed it was HUGE. And also so stylish, and clean! I don’t think I’ve ever lived at a place that’s been as clean as our townhouse at Cicada Seminyak, not kidding nor exaggerating. Just… Wow!

Our own luxury townhouse in Bali
Our own luxury townhouse in Bali

The townhouse was divided into 2 rooms. One big room with a sofa/lounge area, a kitchen and a big dining table. The other big room with the bedroom, toilet, outdoor shower and super-beautiful outside bathtub-area. The outside bathtub-area was definitely my favorite thing about the entire townhouse. It was such a good-looking and relaxing spot!

Our own luxury townhouse in Bali

Trying out a Bali cliché – flower bath

Obviously we had to use the bathtub for trying out a real Bali cliché – taking a flowerbath. Would you look at how beautiful it was?

To be honest, our flower bath experience wasn’t at all relaxing, since we wanted to shoot photos before it got dark (it was a stress-fest) – but I can imagine it would be really, really nice and relaxing to actually take the time to enjoy the flower bath properly. Next time…

PS, look at my tan above, lol! I had to make the image black and white to censor my not-so-beautiful tomato red back… Ouch!

The sickest pool area ever

My favorite thing outside our townhouse at Cicada Seminyak, guess what that was? Well, it was the pool area, which was the sickest pool area I’ve ever seen! The pool was HUGE, and at the end of the pool there was a really beautiful statue (with a fountain/waterfall -thingie in front of it), and also a jacuzzi. I could’ve lounged by this pool for days…

There were very few people staying at Cicada Seminyak while we were there, so we basically had the pool area to ourselves – which obviously was so amazing. We spent an entire day there just tanning, swimming a few laps, tanning again, etc. As I just mentioned, I could’ve lounged by this pool for days ♥

Our own luxury townhouse in Bali

Six other townhouse types available to try out

As I’ve mentioned, we stayed at a 1 bedroom townhouse during our stay, but there are also 6 other townhouse types available at Cicada Seminyak to try out; Two Bedroom Townhouse, Three Bedroom Townhouse, Junior Suite, Rooftop Suite, Executive Studio and Rooftop Studio. Next time I go to Bali I really want to go back to Cicada Seminyak to try out one or more of the other townhouses! Maybe the Junior Suite, which looks absolutely amazing, don’t you think?

Our own luxury townhouse in Bali

In room spa & beauty treatments

What I really regret that we didn’t try out while we stayed at Cicada Seminyak, was the in room spa & beauty treatments -services! I can just imagine how relaxing and pampering that would’ve been.

Judging by the menu, I would’ve probably gone for the Balinese massage. I had two Balinese massages elsewhere during our Bali trip, and I definitely think that a third one at Cicada Seminyak would’ve been absolutely fabulous. Oh well, next time! Because yes, I’m definitely coming back someday.

Who is Cicada Seminyak for?

So, as this collaboration post is coming to an end, I want to highlight which customers I think that Cicada Seminyak would be suited for. I mean, it definitely suited us, two girls on a girls trip to Bali – but I think that it would suit a couple looking for a luxurious hideaway even better! Maybe some honeymooners?

I would definitely go here for a fab honeymoon, maybe combined with a week in Ubud – one week at Cicada Seminyak, and one week at some equally fab hideaway in Ubud..? Yes, I believe that would make a perfect honeymoon in Bali.

Our own luxury townhouse in Bali

A big thanks to Cicada Seminyak ♥

To properly end this post, I just want to say a big thanks to Cicada Seminyak for inviting us to their fabulous property, and for letting us stay in one of their absolutely stunning luxury townhouses in exchange for this collaboration.

I can’t but recommend this beautiful place to 110%, if you ever find yourself in Bali and want to stay at a luxurious hideaway in the perfect location in Seminyak, close to the beach, shopping and really great restaurants (Kynd, Coffe Cartel, Café Organic etc. to name a few trendy ones). You’ll fall in love with it and never wanna leave…

Please go follow Cicada Seminyak HERE on Instagram.


  1. 04/03/2019 / 09:43

    Så underbart fina bilder och vilket ställe! Asien har av någon anledning aldrig riktigt tilltalat mig som resemål, men jag måste ju nog säga att när man ser dessa bilder så blir man ju nog lite sugen att åka dit ändå någon gång!! 😀

    • Hanna
      04/03/2019 / 09:51

      Tack så mycket 🙂 Ja nej samma här, aldrig känt nån lockelse till Asien – förutom Bali som nu blev av! Rekommenderar det verkligen, MEN varning för turisterna & skräpet… Huh, nästan lite väl. Rekommenderar Ubud i Bali, som jag tyckte var lugnaste & “finaste” området 🙂

    • Hanna
      04/04/2019 / 08:46

      It really was <3 I can't but recommend it to everyone who goes to Bali and want to stay at a beautiful place 🙂

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