Every trip you take, will teach you something. That’s just the way it is! For some reason, Bali taught me more than any trip I’ve ever taken… So, in this post I want to share 10 things I learned in Bali!

1. Balinese people are really friendly

Like seriously, I’ve never met friendlier people? When we visited the Maldives a few months ago, I thought Maldivians were the friendliest people in the world… But guess what, it’s the Balinese! For. sure.

2. iPhones are fighters

I dropped my beloved iPhone SE in the beginning of the trip (sigh…), and for some reason, even thought the screen was completely smashed (with pieces that fell) – it still works! I was so sure that I was gonna have to buy a new one in Bali, but hey, my phone is still working! What fighters iPhones are! Sure, some functions have giving up… Like I’m not receiving notifications, wtf?! And the front camera works just when it wants to… But still, it’s functioning. Thank you Apple for making great phones.

3. Traveling with a likeminded person is great

Silje and me had such a great time during our trip. And it was so amazing traveling with a person who has the same interests, goals, taste in food, get’s up as early as you, etc. etc. – the list goes on. It made the trip a whole lot easier!

10 things I learned in Bali

4. Don’t always trust Google Maps

When you go to Bali, you’ll understand why, haha. Seriously… Google Maps and Bali does not get along very well.

5. Cute animals can be vicious

Now this was a shocker, haha! I’ve always been an animal lover, and have a special love for dogs and cats. But let me tell you, we got attacked by both stray dogs and a crazy cat in Bali – and it was so scary! So please, don’t always trust a cute animal by it’s cover – especially not in Bali.

6. Your skin can shed several layers in a day

I burned several body parts in the sun during the Bali trip (typical Hanna, so stupid…), and now afterward I’ve been shedding so much skin! Like yesterday in the shower, I shredded at least two layers of skin in the same spot… Ugh, skin please don’t leave me!

7. Don’t trust your airline food orders

Even though I’ve been on hundreds of airplanes, I’ve never before experienced NOT getting the food I’ve ordered. But guess what, now it happened! I had ordered a gluten-free meal for our Fly Dubai flight from Dubai to Helsinki (as I always do) – but I didn’t get it. In fact, the flight attendant looked like she’d seen a ghost when I asked her for my gluten-free meal… Totally made my trip home, not.

8. Bats do attack innocent people

I’ve always lived in the belief that bats won’t attack innocent people, unless you provoke them. But those bat-fuckers in Bali – they sure attacked us! I WAS SO SCARED. It was like being in a horror movie, for realz… I actually started bringing an umbrella with me every night to protect myself from the crazy bats. Felt like such a weirdo – but it was worth it!

9. Thunderstorms in Bali are the real thing

OMG. I thought I’d experienced a freaky thunderstorm when we were in Miami a few years back… But let me tell you, the thunderstorms in Bali are the real thing! We experienced the most insane thunderstorm, that gave me a headache for two days and also gave my ears a freaky pressure. Even though it was scary as hell, I’m really glad I got to experience a crazy thunderstorm like that!

10 things I learned in Bali

10. I’m a better haggler than I thought I was

OK, my first buy in Bali was a stupid one, I paid way overprice when I bought my hat… But I slowly got better at haggling, and even discovered that I’m a better haggler than I thought I was.


  1. 04/10/2019 / 18:48

    Ja så bra! jag är sjukt sugen på att resa till Bali nu också. Blir SÅ inspirerad!

    • Hanna
      04/17/2019 / 12:39

      Kul att kunna inspirera 🙂 #influencertakeoverbali Winter 2019? Höhö!

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