As a frequent traveler it’s important to have a few favorite to-go-to travel bags. A favorite carry-on, a favorite check-in bag, and a favorite travel backpack. The last one I’ve struggled to find for YEARS. But now, now I’ve finally found my new favorite travel backpack!

In this post, that is a collaboration with Kassimatti-verkkokauppa, I’ll tell you all about my new SÄKKI-backpack that I brought with me to Bali and fell in love with ♥

My new favorite travel backpack

The importance of traveling with a good backpack

When traveling long-distance and having several layovers in airports with a lot of walking, it’s important to travel with a good backpack. Let’s just say that otherwise your back will be very sore…

I brought my new SÄKKI-backpack with me to Bali to test it out, and wow was I amazed by how comfy it was! My back didn’t hurt a bit even though the backpack was completely stuffed with all kinds of heavy things (my laptop, a few books, my 1-liter plastic bag with toiletries, some snacks, several water bottles, my camera + a big objective, and so on… Let’s just say I put the bag to the ultimate test, and it passed with no complaints!

Stylish, minimalistic design – just how I like it

What I first fell in love with about this bag, was the design of it. It’s got a stylish, minimalistic design that I am simply obsessed with! All of the SÄKKI-backpacks are black on the outside, but the inside lining varies (check out all of the colors here), and I chose the one with the olive green lining.

My new favorite travel backpack

Versatile and will never go out of style

The SÄKKI-backpack is very versatile, and I even used it as my beach-bag while in Bali! Perfect way to carry around all of the millions beach “things” needed for a day at beach in the hot Bali sun.

What I also really appreciate with the bag, is that it will never go out of style – thanks to the minimalistic and stylish design of it that I mentioned earlier. I’m sure I’ll be carrying it around on my back for years, and years to come. As the quality of it feels really great, I’m sure there’s a big chance that you’ll see it on my back during travels even in 10 years!

My probably favorite thing about the bag

As this collab-post is coming to an end, I just wanted to draw the post together with mentioning my probably favorite thing about the bag – that I think is SO great! And what is that thing, you might wonder… Well, it’s the fact that the backpack has a separate, padded folder for your laptop. How great is that!? I really appreciate this feature and so does my Macbook Pro ♥

Get yours NOW!

Thank you so much Kassimatti-verkkokauppa for wanting to do this collaboration with me, and for introducing your new SÄKKI-backpack to me. I’m truly obsessed with my new favorite travel backpack and I can’t but recommend it 100%. If you’re in the need for a new, high-quality, practical and stylish travel backpack – this is the one! Get yours NOW!

*entire blogpost in collaboration with Kassimatti-verkkokauppa.

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