Guess what? I’m back from Bali. What a wild ride it was, our two weeks on the Indonesian paradise island of Bali… I have so many stories and photos to share, but let’s just start with this quick little blog post to get you up to speed with what’s going on in my life after the trip! Read on…

Back from Bali

2 weeks in Bali with the best travel buddy

What a trip it was! I’m so sorry for not posting in almost a month… I had plans to blog from Bali, but as you know, plans don’t always work out the way you wish they would. Let’s just say the Bali-trip threw me some obstacles, mostly technical ones (like dropping my phone in the beginning of the trip, my camera not working, my computer not connecting to any frekkin‘ wifi etc.), but also some very “personal” ones (like a threat-email that really threw me off balance and had me crying most of the night after reading the stupid email…).

But, despite all the obstacles – I had a great trip to Bali! And I have to thank my absolutely amazing travel buddy Silje for making the trip with me, and for truly making the trip so amazing. I really think that it was meant to be – her coming with me on this trip, even though I first planned a solo-trip. And I am so, so grateful that she dared to come with me on the spontaneous trip to the other side of the world and for becoming a really great friend of mine <3

Hanging out with someone 24/7 for 2 weeks really is the best way to get to know someone, and I am so happy that it all worked out great. We clicked right away and had so many amazing, deep conversations that I’ve never dared having with anyone else (hey, I’m very guarded…). Silje is an amazing human being and I feel sorry for all of you out there who didn’t get to do this trip with her, hehe.

Back from Bali

Millions of Bali photos and travel stories to come

I’m currently suffering from the worst jetlag I’ve had since my first trip to Los Angeles back in 2011, and to make it worse I’ve got about 100000 unfinished work-tasks… But, I’ve gotta get back in the game by checking off one work-task efter another! And maybe go out on a sunny walk today if I have time for it.

But when I’m up to speed with all of the work-tasks, I’ll get right to going through all of my gazillions of travel photos from beautiful Bali. Let’s just say there’s a LOT of photos and travel stories to be shared. Stay tuned! ♥

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