Ever since I quit my job and became an entrepreneur, I’ve noticed how many girlbosses we have here in Finland, and more specifically in Svenskfinland. As I’ve been getting so much inspiration from some of these girlbosses around me lately, I decided that I should dedicate an entire post with shoutouts to some of my absolute favorite girlbosses of Svenskfinland. Here they come!

Girlbosses of Svenskfinland

Jennifer Sandström

Girlboss # 1 on my list is Jennifer Sandström. Please note that my girlbosses of choice are not appearing in any kind of “importance order”, BUT, Jennifer is an exception as it is her birthday today!

This girl is doing a phenomenal job with her blog and other social media channels. I scouted her when I worked at Dermosil because of her excellence in pretty much everything she touches regarding her blog, and working with her was so easy. She’s a true professional and amazing at what she does. One of my absolute biggest sources of entrepreneur inspiration at the moment!

Sandra Holmäng

Then we have my second cousin, Sandra Holmäng, making the list as girlboss #2! Yup, her dad and my dad are cousins, making us second cousins. We haven’t “known” each other in adult years (until recently), but used to play every now and then as kids on family gatherings and such.

This girl has such determination, discipline, and sense of creativity that I think she’s gonna be sitting on a pretty large pile of cash someday soon… Seriously, she’s amazing at what she does and it’s so fascinating to watch as she continues to grow as an influencer as well as a company-owner at Voga styling.

Julia Holmqvist

Girlboss #3, Julia Holmqvist, is one of the coolest girls I’ve had the pleasure to get to know lately! She’s doing an amazing job at Sevendays and Foodly, and it’s so much fun to get to hang with her weekly on our little cafe dates (together with Sandra). She’s determined, motivated and such a lovely overall human being – I get so much inspiration from this girl! I mean, she even goes to the gym before 7 in the mornings – who even does that!?

Karin Lindroos

#4 on my little list of girlbosses in Svenskfinland, is no one less than Karin Lindroos – the best food photographer in Finland (she’s of course pretty awesome at photographing other stuff too)! I had the pleasure of working with Karin while I worked at Dermosil, and she is just one of the most easy-going people I have ever worked with. A professional and awesome at what she does.

Ps, Karin is the head of storytelling over at NORD-T, a cool tea brand from Finland. Do check them out!

Anna Bertills

Oh Anna Bertills, #5 on my little girlboss list. I can’t believe how she does it! She’s a mum of four kids and still manages to be an absolutely awesome businesswoman, and a-l-w-a-y-s in the best mood with a smile on her face! What’s your secret, seriously?

What also stunns me about this girlboss, is how she became the CEO of a big company at only 29! That’s some serious girlboss goals. Wow!

Michaela Finne

Good vibes, kindness, and positivity – that’s what girlboss #6 on my list is spreading around her on a daily basis! I am so inspired by how Michaela Finne just “keeps on going”. She’s incredible at hosting Frukostflickorna-events and I am so inspired by her way of doing business. Girlboss goals!

Elin Nyman

#7, Elin Nyman, is actually a former high school classmate of mine! But to be quite honest, I don’t think that we ever spoke to each other in high school..? Haha. We simply had different clicks that we hung out with, you know how it is…

Anyway, I was happy to stumble upon Elin again when I started renting a table at Bertills & Jung. She’s got a great sense of style as a graphic designer, and also has the best personality! She spreads good vibes around her, and that is a great girlboss quality in my opinion.

Michelle Blomqvist

Branding is everything, and that is something that Michelle Blomqvist a.k.a. Lasting closet a.k.a. girlboss #8 on my list, is very clear about! She’s doing an amazing job with her social media presence, and it’s so much fun following her journey towards world domination as a slow fashion representative. World, watch out for this Jeppis-girlboss!

Josefin Thors

My roomie from the influencer trip to Tallinn, snatches #9 on my list! Josefin Thors is one of the coolest, kindest girlbosses I know. I mean, she has her own clothing company! How cool is that?! Find her trendy & colorful streetwear brand Hapyrel over here.

Girlboss #10

Who did I forget? I’m sure I forgot someone… Wouldn’t it be nice if you too would share some of your favorite girlboss favorites in the comment field..? I’m curious to see who you’re inspired by! And it doesn’t have to be someone from Svenskfinland, it can be any girlboss in the world! ♥


  1. 03/05/2019 / 19:34

    Men tack snälla fina för det fina omnämnandet! 😘😭🥰
    DU är så inspirerande Hanna med allt du gör! 💫⭐✨

    • Hanna
      04/02/2019 / 10:59

      Nämen, tusen tack finis! 🙂 <3

  2. 03/06/2019 / 07:56

    Här sitter man och har en dålig morgon, men så får jag läsa något så här fint! Tack för att du tog dig tid att lyfta upp mig och andra kvinnor i svenskfinland <3 Så otroligt inspirerande. DU hamnar på girlboss #10 platsen, med all din kunskap om sociala medier, din varma och snälla personlighet och ditt hårda jobbande!

    • Hanna
      04/02/2019 / 10:58

      Hehe glad om det gjorde dig glad 🙂 <3

  3. 03/08/2019 / 15:48

    Men ett sånt bra inlägg, ska genast ta mig en titt bland alla dessa grymma kvinnor 🙂

    • Hanna
      04/02/2019 / 10:58

      Nämen tack, kul! 🙂

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