When we were in the Maldives a few months ago, we spent one day on Gulhi, a small little local island a short ferry ride from Maafushi (another local island that I’ve written more about here).

In this post, I’ll tell you all about our one day on Gulhi!

Gulhi – the little island with the swing in the water

What first drew me to Gulhi was photos of a cute little swing in the water, with a sign that said “Gulhi” on it. I kept seeing images on it on Instagram and thought it looked so cute! I HAD to go there while we were in the Maldives.

Long story short, while we were on Maafushi, we realized that the local ferry that goes to Male from Maafushi and the other way round actually stops at Gulhi both ways. The schedule was very convenient; it left from Maafushi in the morning, and came back to Maafushi in the evening – perfect! Off to the little island of Gulhi we went…

One day on Gulhi
(Sorry ’bout the crappy photo quality!)

Blue colors everywhere

What I quickly noticed about Gulhi when we stepped off the ferry, was how much blue colors there was! There was of course the blue ocean, and the blue sky, but also endless amount of blue houses. It really felt like the majority of the houses were blue! And I didn’t mind at all, as blue is one of my absolute favorite colors.

One day on Gulhi

The bikini beach a true paradise beach

What stunned me the most about the island was however not the blue colors, but the beautiful bikini beach! It was much longer and wider than any other beaches we had been to in the Maldives, and there were also a ton of free beach chairs and sun beds to lay on if you wanted to. We, however, chose to lay on the sand under a tree to get some shadow, as it was SO HOT the day we were there (almost unbearable).

But it wasn’t only the size of it nor the free beach chars and sun beds that made the bikini beach on Gulhi a true paradise beach, but also that it had the softest sand I’ve ever felt on my feet – seriously! When I first waded out into the ocean I was SO excited by the sand, that started shouting to my boyfriend; “you have to come and feel this, it’s the best sand ever! I can’t even believe it!”. It was amazing.

Where do you go to eat on Gulhi?

There didn’t seem to be a whole lot of restaurants on the island, or at least we didn’t see any, but we still managed to find a really good one at the beach where we ended up having lunch.

The restaurant was called Premier Beach, and if I understood it correctly, it belonged to a guest house with the same name. The food there was really good (sorry no pictures, totally forgot about taking photos while we were there), and I can definitely recommend it if you ever find yourself on Gulhi!

One day on Gulhi

Gulhi – final words

Gulhi is definitely worth a visit if you ever happen to find yourself in the Maldives, and want to visit a cute little island with a beautiful paradise beach. But I do have to warn you that there’s not a lot to see over there… I found it quite boring to be really honest. But then again, I just spent one day there, so what do I know? I had just spent 5 fantastic days on Fulidhoo (the island that I completely fell in love with), so I guess that must have had something to do with my “ugh whatever” – feelings towards Gulhi, despite the beautiful blue colors everywhere and the paradise beach with the softest sand I’ve ever felt on my feet…

It is however really great for a day trip, when all you want to do is soak some sun on a beautiful paradise beach in the Maldives. So, I definitely do recommend it if you ever find yourself on f.ex. Male or Maafushi, and want to do a day trip somewhere.


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