That I’m a big fan of smoothie bowls is nothing new, right? They’re just SO GOOD! And of course, also very healthy. I’ve been eating them for years… But do you know for how long smoothie bowls have been around, and how they even became a trend..? I thought it’d be fun to dig a little deeper into the history of the smoothie bowl (as it is kind of a “funny” food phenomenon), so here it comes – a blogpost entirerly dedicated to the history of the smoothie bowl.

The history of the smoothie bowl

“The smoothie in a bowl”

So, how the heck did people come up with the idea to start making thicker smoothies, and eat them from a bowl?

I actually started making smoothie bowls back in 2014 (one year before they were predicted by to become “food’s next big trend”). I had just broken up with my boyfriend for 5 years, and moved into a new apartment – and all I wanted was to eat healthy and become FIT… You probably know how the story goes.

So I started reading all kinds of health blogs, and there they were, the images and recipes of delicious and healthy smoothie bowls! I was sold right away. I’ve always loved fruits and berries, and smoothies of course, and the thought of eating smoothies topped with berries and fruit from a bowl seemed so luxurious somehow. I can’t really explain why that felt so luxurious, but, maybe you get it..? Anyway, I became a huge fan of smoothie bowls back in 2014, and as you probably know – still am.

The history of the smoothie bowl

A thing thanks to Instagram

As with most things in recent years, smoothie bowls became really famous thanks to Instagram! When people started making them, they obviously also posted pictures of them (hey, they’re very Instagram-friendly, so no wonder!). Long story short: smoothie bowls became “a thing” on Instagram!

And now, in 2019, it feels like the whole world of smoothie bowls has exploded. EVERY cool cafe has at least one smoothie bowl on the menu. Finland has been a bit slow with this trend, but we’re getting there…

The most popular smoothie bowl: acai

Probably the most popular kind of smoothie bowl is the acai bowl. Acai bowls have in fact become such a “thing” that people don’t even know what they are, haha, and think they’re making “acai bowls” when they’re actually just making regular smoothie bowls… Don’t get me started, ugh.

So, let me break it down to you, this is the difference between an acai bowl and a regular smoothie bowl:

  • An acai bowl = has acai in it (acai is a berry, that grovs on trees in South America).
  • A regular smoothie bowl = can have any kind of berries, fruits, whatever in it – including acai berries.

Pretty basic and simple facts, right? But still, I see so many bloggers and influencers posting recipes on “acai bowls” without even a single ingredient in them being actual acai berries. That’s how much of a “thing” acai bowls are, they’re so cool that people don’t even care what they put in them, lol.

The history of the smoothie bowl

Smoothie bowl lovers united

What about you dear readers, is anyone of you as big of a fan of smoothie bowls as I am? And, the million dollar question, did you know the difference between an acai bowl and a regular smoothie bowl before reading this post? Hehehe.


    • Hanna
      03/04/2019 / 07:55

      It was truly so delicious <3

  1. 07/26/2019 / 22:25

    Great post, i also love Smoothie Bowls

    If you want to make color full smoothie bowl you can write to us 🙂 We got a lot’s of natrual powder coloring like Blue Spirulina etc 🙂

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