Spotting fake competitions on social media, hard or easy? For me, as a social media professional, it’s of course very easy. I usually spot them right away, 98% of the time. But I’ve recently noticed that regular social media users are having somewhat of a hard time spotting them, which is a shame. None of us should have to be fooled nor controlled by social media, and I believe that in order to not be controlled by something, you need to have knowledge. In this case – knowledge on how to spot fake competitions.

How to spot fake competitions

The fake Fjällräven competition

So, let’s get to the point. Most of you have surely seen the Fjällräven “competition” circling around Instagram for the last few days..? It’s a simple Instagram account with the handle @fjällräveninfluencer. The profile says “Be a part of our family”, followed by “300 of our followers will soon receive packages from us!”, with the website link being So what is wrong with that, you might think..? Well, it’s a very nice profile, very inviting and positive – nothing wrong with that. But then you read the post, the one that you’re supposed to share, and it reads like this:

“We are looking for 300 people who have a social media presence. You will receive monthly packages with Fjällräven backpacks and accessories. Your only job is to wear and post.

CONDITIONS: You need an account with more than 150 followers, follow the account @fjallraveninfluencer and share this in your story and tag @fjallraveninfluencer!

WHAT YOU GET: Monthly packages with Fjällräven backpacks and accessories. Fjällräven
gift cards and social media presence on @fjallravenofficial and @fjallraveninfluencer.”

Warning signs

Let me break down the warning signs on why this is fake.

  1. It’s too good to be true. 300 people, with no more than at least 150 followers..? Undisclosed amount of free stuff..? Don’t. Trust. Anything. That. Seems. To. Be. Too. Good. To. Be. True. PERIOD.
  2. It’s very vague. There’s talk about undisclosed amounts of Fjällräven items/packages, but not a single number pinpointing the exact number of items/packages you will receive, nor a number on the “gift cards” you’ll be receiving (I mean are they 1€ giftcards, 100€, 1000€..? who knows?). Nor is there any clue about when the competition is ending, how they will choose the winners, nor which countries are even included, and so on. IT’S VAGUE AF.
  3. It’s textbook example of how to get a lot of followers in a short time by the help of a scam. This is e-x-a-c-t-l-y how you do it if you want to gain a lot of followers in a short time! You create something that is too good to be true – you play with people’s feelings. “Me, could I become an influencer with my 150 followers, and receive xxx amounts of xxxx, oh em gee!?!?”. Then, you encourage them to do something very easy – just share a simple picture, easy peasy! You’re creating a buzz. An immediate, hardcore buzz. And people fall for it! BY THE TEXTBOOK SCAM.
  4. Fjällräven is a serious company. A real company. A good company, selling high-quality stuff… Would they really do something like this..? Sure, the website on the Instagram profile leads to the German Fjällräven homepage, and they have a German version of the “flyer” you’re supposed to share – maybe this is just their German team trying to gain more followers and visibility for the brand..? There might be a chance that this could be real..? NO NO NO, I don’t think so. A good and real company like Fjällräven would never even let their German team do something like this. It’s a sketchy way to do marketing, and I don’t think that this would be the Fjällräven way of doing it. And if you’re a serious Fjällräven-fan, you should know this when you reaaaaaally think about it…

My tip to you

Do your research. Always. Don’t sell into the crap that’s too good to be true. You do not want to be fooled by trolls on social media! Don’t let them control you. Be smart! Social media is supposed to be fun, a place where you get inspiration from, not a place where you’re fooled… And I’m not only talking about scam competitions and fake accounts, but I’m also talking about fake influencers. I’m sure there’s a lot of them, trying to fool you into buying crap they’ve received for an xxx amount of money in order to fool you into buying it… I won’t be naming brands nor influencers doing this – but, do keep your own eyes open!

Stay safe in the crazy jungle of social media! And hey, if you happen to be a Swedish speaking Finn living in the Vaasa-area, do come to my Workshop in social media on March 9th at Bacchus/Svenska Klubben. Link to the event on Facebook here.


  1. 02/27/2019 / 18:05

    Great post! I was really chocked about how many that believed in that post / “competition”. I hope that people will learn and think twice before sharing things like that in the future 🙂

    • Hanna
      02/28/2019 / 09:42

      Thank you so much Corinne! 🙂 Yeah, I was too… And for me, it was surprising to see how many of my own friends that were fooled by it! Exactly, I really hope that too!

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