Let’s talk about body positivity for a second.

It’s taken a looooong time for me to accept my own body, but I think I’m there. I like my own body, and I accept it as it is. Finally… It’s taken me 29 years! But I guess for some it takes even longer than that. Body positivity is a struggle and I seriously think that we should talk about it more. Right?

Body positivity

Always been skinny but still; “I look fat”

I guess I’ve always been what you call “skinny”. I’ve always been a size XS or S (ok, there was a short period when I was a size M in some clothes… I blame the cheese doodles, lol), and have always had a low BMI score. But still, I’ve always struggled with my body and thought that “I look fat”.

The bikini issue

Feeling comfortable in a bikini has always been the toughest issue related to my body and the fact that I’ve always thought that “I look fat”. I’ve always felt so uncomfortable showing my half-naked in something as tiny as a bikini, and going to the beach has always been a moment of anxiousness (even though I love being at the beach for all other reasons).

But something changed a couple of years ago, finally! I finally realized that “this is my body, it’s all I’ve got”, and I simply decided to stop hating it so much. Ever since then I’ve worked my hardest to start embracing it instead of hating it, and it’s really paying off. I can finally say that I like my own body! I like being a woman!

We need to talk about body positivity more often

…but how sad is that, really, that it’s gonna have to take a woman 29 years to get to that point when they’re actually comfortable in their own body..? This is a big issue. I mean, there are so many other things we women should be focusing on in this world, but still, we’re busy putting effort into hating our own bodies. It’s SO unnecessary and I really think that we should talk about this problem more often. Some people are already doing it, like Sandra and Michelle in their podcast, but please – I’d really like to hear and read more stories on body positivity! The women of the future need it. So please, dear readers, if you have a platform of some sort – get talking about body positivity!


    • Hanna
      02/25/2019 / 09:08

      Yeah same here… It’s hard, but so important! <3

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