As I’ve now made the final decision to go to Bali, booked the flights, a hotel, and a villa, AND even gotten some travel company (wohoo!) – all that’s left is figuring out what to wear in Bali.

This is always the tricky part, as I really want to bring as little as possible, but aren’t sure what the heck I’m actually gonna wear. I always end up bringing way too much stuff, that I then don’t even wear during my trips… Which is soooo unnecessary and honestly; stupid.

So now that I’m going to Bali for two weeks, I really want to make the best effort to only bring clothes that I’m actually going to wear. And in order to do that, I thought I’d do a throwback to the outfits I wore in the Maldives, as I’m guessing Bali and the Maldives pretty much requires the same kind of outfits (ok, you can show more skin in Bali due to the fact that they’re not a muslim country, but still – pretty similar climate etc.).

What to wear in Bali

First off, the snake printed skirt

A must, for sure. It’s so comfortable and light, perfect for tropical degrees. Plus, I’m sure it’ll look good in the Bali jungle!

Speaking of snake prints, I also have a snake printed dress that I bought in Tallinn earlier this year. That one’s coming with me to Bali as well!

What to wear in Bali

Second, the straw bag

I would say YES, but it’s actually not in a very good condition after the Maldives. I guess I carried too much weight in it, that the handles are now giving up… Boohoo!

What to wear in Bali

Third, the cute little backpack!

Yes, yes, yes. This backpack is perfect for a travel adventure in Bali! I had it with me in both London and the Maldives last year, and it was the perfect size for bringing the necessary.

What to wear in Bali

Fourth, the Borsalino hat

Oh how I’d love to bring this one… It has been with me on so many travel adventures. But unfortunately, I think it’s seeing it’s last days. I have no idea how that is possible, as it is of excellent quality (Borsalino is on of the best hatmakers in the world), but I really think that it got too much moisture when we were in the Maldives as it’s now lost it’s original shape, and it seems impossible to get it back… I’m so sad about this! If anyone of you have any tips on how to save my favorite hat – please let me know!

What to wear in Bali

Fifth, the black sundress

This one’s a maybe! Both of the straps broke when we were in the Maldives. But if I can get them fixed, this dress is coming with me to Bali as well.

What to wear in Bali

Sixth, and last, the studded sandals

It’s definitely a yes on these ones. They are so comfy, and obviously I like them a lot. I actually found them on a -70% sale a couple of years ago, and I’m so happy that I did. I’m sure these will be on my feet a lot while in Bali.

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