I. Can’t. Believe. That. I’m. Writing. This. BUT NEXT UP: BALI! Ah, I’m so excited! I’ve been dreaming about Bali for SO long. Ever since I read Eat, pray, love in like 2007 (?) really. So… It’s a trip that is long overdue. But now I’m finally going, and I think that it’s going to be absolutely fabulous. Sun, beautiful sunsets, rice fields, smoothie bowls, yoga, Instagram-friendly hotels and villas, laidback people, jungle vibes.

AH, can’t wait!

Next up: Bali

2 weeks solo in Bali

I’m going to Bali solo, and will be there for two weeks, in the end of March.

I really wanted my boyfriend to come with me, and as did he. But unfortunately he’s stuck at work… So what can you do, I’m going solo. Still hoping that some friend would like to join me – but we’ll see. It won’t be the end of the world to go alone, but still, it would be a whole lotta more fun to have some company to share the experience with!

Agenda for Bali

So what the heck am I doing in Bali, for two weeks? Well, I’ll be soaking up some sun, eating a whole lotta smoothie bowls (yum yum yum), and then I’m also doing some collaborations with a few hotels and such. Sooo… I’m guessing the trip will be a lot about work. About shooting content and gathering experiences. But I don’t mind, as I have the absolute best job in the world.

What comes as an extra plus to my trip, is that I’m having a 12 hour layover in Dubai on the way home. Which means that I’ll have enough time to go into “town” in Dubai as well! I’ve been there before, like 6-7 years ago (?), and I didn’t like it that much then… But, things may have changed!

I need your best Bali tips!

If anyone of you have ever been to Bali, please, hit me with your best tips!

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