If there’s something that’s important in the world of social media, it’s to look good on Instagram. Did you know that Instagram now has over a billion users? An insane amount of people, that gives you an understanding of why looking good on Instagram is so important. “Everyone” is on Instagram, and in order for you to be noticed – well, you need to be looking good. Damn good.

Looking good on Instagram

My own Instagram feed

I’ve struggled a lot with my own Instagram feed (as I also wrote about in this post a month ago or two), as I always have had an issue with defining my own style. I’ve loved to photograph, and I’ve also always been passionate about editing photos. And I love all kinds of styles, and I can photograph and edit photos in all kinds of styles. Which makes it so hard for me to decide on just ONE style for Instagram.

It’s been a struggle, and I’ve had to go down to the bottom with it. And now, finally, I think I’ve found it – and actually decided on an Instagram-style that I will keep on rocking in my feed. Have a look below, you might notice the specifics of my style.

Looking good on Instagram

Blues, greens, blacks, greys, browns, whites, beige. No pink, no red, no yellow. Photos in a cold tone. Travel photos, photos of healthy foods and restaurants. Photos of me. Maybe a photo or two of my boyfriend or us together. Beaches, palm trees, buildings, flowers, an occasional home or style detail, quotes. Lots of space and a minimalistic style. De-saturated photos with a lot of light, occasionally in black and white. And so on. Welcome to my own personal Instagram feed style!

The trick is to be original

Looking good on Instagram is also a lot about being original, to have a personal style on your feed that stands out. And as you can image, this is a hell of a tricky task considering the fact that there’s over a billion users on the platform. Yaix.

But of course, it is doable, it’s only a matter of being consistent and not looking too much at the competition. Don’t be a copy-cat, whatever you do! Just don’t. People tend to notice copy-cats quickly, and when they do they tend to boycott the copy-cat and instead embrace the original as much as they can (yes, Instagram is a social media platform with a lot of feelings involved, I guess it has to do with the fact that people tend to be really personal over there – especially since the launch of Instagram stories).

Looking good on Instagram


In order to be looking good on Instagram you need to find a personal style that is original. And when you’ve found that – you need to stick with it. Comprende?

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