Sunsets, I love them. There’s something special about saying goodbye to the sun, seeing it disappear into the ocean… There’s a magical feeling in the air and you just stand there, gazing over the sea, waiting to see the beauty of yet another sunset. Colors, colors, colors.

When we were in the Maldives in the end of December 2018, I saw some of the most beautiful sunsets I’ve ever seen! I used to think that California had the most beautiful sunsets on Earth, but now I’m more convinced that Maldives sunsets takes the prize. Look for yourself…

Maldives sunsets

Burning skies

We saw our first magnificent Maldives sunset already on our first night, just a few hours after we had landed in Male. We were even lucky enough to catch it while out on the sea, in the speedboat headed to our first destination.

The sky was literally on fire! I’ve never seen anything like it. It was so beautiful, with the burning sky reflecting on the big, empty ocean. Then and there I knew that we’d be seeing some pretty spectacular sunsets during our 12 days in the Maldives.

Maldives sunsets
Maldives sunsets

Fulidhoo – sunset paradise

Man, was I right… The sunsets just kept on getting better, and by the time we were spending 5 days on the little paradise island Fulidhoo, we were totally floored by the beauty of the burning sunsets. None of us had ever seen sunsets like the ones we saw on Fulidhoo, the island we now not only call a “paradise” but a “sunset paradise”.

It must have to do with the fact that Fulidhoo is very isolated, and have a lot of clear ocean space around it. It’s in the middle of two atolls and therefore only have a few “neighbor islands” around it, like the little one you can spot in the two photos above.The sunsets on Fulidhoo were also some of the longest sunsets I’ve ever seen, it was like they’d never end. It was magical!

Maldives sunsets
Maldives sunsets

6 pm, the magic hour starts

When we were there, at the end of December, the sun was setting at approximately 6 pm every day. The sun would start it’s descend about 5:30, to be a kind of “yellow goldenish” by 5:50. Then at 6 pm, the magic hour would start – the hour when the sky would first turn purple, when the sun dips into the ocean, and then orange when the sun had set.

But it wasn’t just orange, it was 50 shades of orange. I’ve in fact never seen so many shades of orange! It was even “redish” at some point. Believe me, it was so cool to watch! And as I said, I’ve always thought California sunsets to be the most beautiful ones, but being in the Maldives and seeing their sunsets – I must say that Maldives sunsets take the prize.

Long story short: if you would like to see the most beautiful sunsets in the world, visit the Maldives and make sure to be outside by the ocean every night from 5:30 pm, to about 6:45 pm. Oh and hey, bring your camera!

Maldives sunsets


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